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Simple 10 Minute Household Hacks for Your Garage

Have you ever picked up a gadget that’s so useful that you can’t figure out how you lived without it? There are countless little things like that you could be using to keep your garage nice and tidy. Take double utility hooks, for instance.

These handy parts are available in almost every hardware store, yet few people use them to store their ladders, cords, rakes and all of the other various pieces of ephemera that starts to collect inside of the average garage. You can rely on them to free up floor space and help you take control of all the clutter that’s likely taken over your garage. Best of all, none of this should take more than around ten minutes to try out.

Once you’ve freed up a little space, it’ll be time to look at whether your vehicle is really safe when you have it stored inside.

Gadgets to Help You Keep Cars & Motorcycles Safe

Perhaps the number one thing you want to consider is a CarCover, which allows you to protect your vehicle when it’s out in the elements. If you have to put it out in the driveway while you use your garage space for a building project, then having a slipcover for your vehicle is of vital importance. It’s also great for those who plan on using their garage as a Florida room for a few months out of the year.

You can easily do this by simply moving a few pieces of furniture into your garage and throwing down a mat. Those who want to do this might want to install hail-proof shingles and possibly repaint the interior to make things a bit more inviting as well as more secure for when the time comes that you need to put your car and bike back indoors.

That being said, there’s no reason that you can’t make your garage a little more homelike without sacrificing its original purpose. Try using a corner-tool rack, which will also help to protect your vehicle by ensuring that there’s nothing rolling around on the floor to run into it and dent the sides. Toolboxes and wall organizers are also a great way to separate your vehicles from everything else you have stashed in your car stall.

You might also consider investing in items that are easier to store in the first place.

Storage Hints for Owners of Cluttered Garages

Investing in your own lawn mower is a good idea, but make sure that the model you pick up can fold so it doesn’t take up too much in the way of floor space. You might also want to consider a folding bicycle, which can be stored simply by hanging it upright. While it doesn’t seem like this would save much space on paper, the difference can actually be quite noticeable.

A solid steel pegboard is also a good idea if you’re dealing with a nascent storage crisis. Again, it might seem like this would save that much space but you’d be surprised at how much they can help.

Some people invest in special cabinets that can mount behind doors, which are a good idea for those who have an attached garage. Those who don’t might consider mounting a medicine cabinet on one of their walls. While these certainly aren’t designed to go into a garage, they’ll give you a great place to store small objects.

This might even get you thinking about other ways to repurpose everyday items in your garage.

Simple Hacks for Your Garage

Crush-resistant jars can be hung on a wall, which will give you plenty of space to put screws and even craft items if you prefer. While you’re looking for these, you might also want to give some thought to an infrared heater or a couple of large box fans.

You might have been tempted to install air conditioning in your garage in the past, but give fans a second chance before you do. According to a study by the US Department of Energy, a single 36-inch fan can cool up to 225 ft² of space. Those who are into saving even more energy might want to consider LED garage lights as well.

Always keep your eyes peeled for new innovations. You never know what simple everyday object can help to redefine the experience you enjoy when working out in your garage.


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