Decorating in Black and White.

Home design doesn’t get much simpler than the striking contrast between black and white. Incorporating black and white into the interior design of your space is a great way to achieve a look that is modern and practical, while still effortlessly incorporating classic elements. When your home is unified around a color scheme as in a black and white space, you have a lot of freedom to experiment with different styles of furnishings without fear of them clashing. Here are some tips for decorating your home with black and white.

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 Add Creative Elements

Because black and white is such a subdued color scheme, you can add more eccentric pieces without them overwhelming the space. For example, intricate black wrought iron railings for stairs and balconies can give your home a stately, expensive look. Although wrought iron is heavy and can run the risk of taking over the space, setting it against white walls and floors can help subdue it.

 Choose an Accent Color

 Contrast black and white interiors with a piece of art or furniture in a bright color. When choosing an accent piece, keep in mind that it is likely going to end up the centerpiece of the room it is placed in, so make sure that it’s a great item that you really want to show off.

 Use Shades of Black and White

 If black and white is a little too harsh or uninviting for your tastes, you can easily soften the effect by using graduated shades. For example, instead of white curtains, pick a set in a cream or off-white color. Instead of black, choose a shade of dark brown to make the contrast less stark.


 Make Spaces Look Larger

 One thing you have to be careful of when decorating with black and white is making your space appear small or cramped. Dark colored walls and ceilings tend to shrink a room, so you may want to stick with white for those elements of the overall design. Contrast with black furniture, or accessories like a throw rug or curtains.

 Try a Pattern

Patterns add great energy to a black and white room. If your space is small, then keep accessories on the diminutive side, choosing items such as pillows or lampshades. However, in a larger room you can go bigger, with a bold rug or even patterned pieces of furniture.


Black and white interiors may have emerged as a design trend in recent years, but they can be used to create a look that is timeless and enduring as well.



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