Signs That You Need an Eye Exam

If you have never experienced an issue with your vision, you might not think about your eyesight daily. However, most people experience changes in eyesight over time. Undergoing an eye exam will allow you to keep track of your vision and identify any changes.

If you want to get an early diagnosis, you should have regular eye exams. If you do not have the time for regular eye checks, here are some signs that you should look out for:

Eye Discharge

An eye exam will not just identify vision problems; you will also get to know the health of your eyes and eyelids. Although some eye infections go away naturally, most of them are contagious and can cause permanent damage to your eyes. If you experience any itchiness, discharge, or redness in your eyes, you need to have an eye exam.

Light Sensitivity

Strong light sensitivity can be a symptom of a central nervous system disorder or an eye infection. You might also be given a prescription for eyeglasses. Before you buy eyeglasses from online sites such as Lens World, you should consult your optometrist to get some advice about frames.

Difficulty Focusing

Most eye conditions manifest as difficulty focusing on objects in your direct field of vision. Moreover, you might experience blurriness when you focus one object. If you occasionally experience difficulty focusing, you should visit an eye doctor to identify any changes in the quality of your vision and rule out serious eye conditions.

Changes in Night Vision

Can you see other cars and read road signs clearly at night? For most adults, the first sign of changes in vision presents as difficulty driving at night. If you have trouble seeing objects on the road at night, see a circle of light around traffic lights, or cannot read the road signs, you should undergo an eye exam.

Frequent Migraines

Inflammation, muscle tension, and stress cause headaches. However, you can also experience bad migraines when your vision is changing. If you have frequent headaches without any other symptoms, you should visit an eye doctor.

If you have migraines, you might see vision obstructions such as spots and auras before, after, or during the migraine. In most cases, the vision obstructions are harmless but they can indicate a serious health issue that is affecting your health and contributing to your vision problems.

Recurrent Eye Fatigue

Eye strain or fatigue happens when you spend a lot of time reading or staring at a computer screen. If you experience eye fatigue that does not go away after three days, you might have an eye infection. Moreover, if your eyes hurt when you look in certain directions, an eye exam is necessary.

Vision Disruptions

You can experience a disruption in your vision without a migraine. Aside from seeing black spots and auras, you might see floaters that move across the eyes. If you start experiencing vision disruptions without warning, you need to see an optometrist. Vision disruptions can be a sign of issues such as retinal holes and detachment.

Health Condition That Affects the Eyes

Sleeping habits and overall health will affect the feel and function of your eyes. If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, lupus, or diabetes, you should start paying more attention to your eye health. You should start by letting your doctor know about your health condition before undergoing a vision test.


If you have any of the above symptoms, you need an eye examination. Ignoring the these symptoms could lead to serious problems. Taking proper care of your eyes is essential if you want good overall eye health.



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