Signs It’s Time for a New Furnace

Here in Texas, we are famous for live music, the best BBQ burgers, rodeos show, and scorching summer heat that reaches on top. Probably the last thing you are connecting to Texas is winter. But you have been living in Texas for a long time; you know that the temperature drops in December. And one thing you need this time is a well-functioning heater to keep you warm during the wintertime. At Texas I.E Air Conditioning, your safety and comfort are our priority, and we want to make sure you stay warm in the cold season. If your furnace system is showing any of these indications, a replacement is what you might need. Also, we got you with ac repair Allen at all times. You can guarantee a safe and warm-season by focusing on the signs and getting your furnace checked before the cold season begins.

Old age

The life of a furnace system usually lasts from 15-20 years. We suggest that you find the age of your system, simply because aging furnace systems are hazardous. You can check its age by looking at its serial number. A lot of homeowners moved into houses with furnaces installed already, so understanding the context may add up why it started to act up.

Higher than usual electricity bills

As the furnace systems get old, they turn less efficient work double-time to generate a similar amount of heat, which affects your energy bills. You can take a look at your electricity bills from the other months. Has it skyrocketed? If you have observed an increase, yet the rates are the same, there might be a problem with your system. You may want to install a more energy-saving furnace system.

Too much amount of dirt

No matter how much you clean your furnace, dirt and dust still linger. No worries! You are not getting mad. A well-functioning system should be cleaning these particles- but if the problems become more noticeable, then you should call a professional to check your system.

Have you remembered the last time you cleaned or changed your filter? You should clean your filter once every three months for your system to run effectively and to spread clean and fresh air. If you have forgotten it, there may be constant damage to the furnace; in this case, a replacement is a solution.

Unequal heated rooms

A crashing furnace system may lose the strength to disperse the heated room equally or even give warmth at all. A damaged thermostat or a leak can be the culprit, but you think it is not, it could be your furnace system. If you observe some rooms are colder than others, we suggest that you ask opinions from our expert technicians.

Your furnace is short-cycling.

During the operation of your furnace system, it cycles on and off. When the house sinks below the set temperature on the thermostat, the system starts to bring the temperature back up. When the thermostat achieves its target temperature, the system switches off, and the cycle persists from there. If the efficiency of your system gives you any doubt that it is not working accurately, trace its pattern of operation. Or, as Texas I. E says, question yourself with two things: Does my system cycle on and off very often? Does it appear to work continuously? If the answers are both yes to your questions, we say, it is a sure indication that your furnace system is short-cycling. Ask for a skilled professional to check the behavior of your furnace. 

Regular repairs

If you talk to your HVAC technician more than you talk to your mother-in-law, then you may need to check the reality that your furnace badly needs repairs. Wasting money on an aging furnace system may not be valuable at all. Acquiring a new furnace system that is highly energy-efficient and cost-saving is more worth it.

Unusual sounds

While it is a fact that furnace systems have natural noise, you should check other noises that you are lately hearing. Banging, crashing, thundering, or shrieking is not usual and could signify some big problems. These are complicated systems, so for the safety of everyone and the furnace system, DIY repairs are highly not recommended.

Contact Texas I. E Air Conditioning 

For furnace assistance, you can trust Texas Air Conditioning. We know how essential it is to have a working furnace in the winter. If you observe any of these signs, give us a call then. We want to ensure your safety and comfort when the winter comes. We will do our best to assess and repair before we suggest having a new furnace. Call us today to learn more about our heating services options.






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