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Send These Simple, Thoughtful Gifts to Family This New Year

Let’s be honest. Not everyone gets what they want for Christmas, and odds are you’ll hear about it from a family member or two. Your mom wanted a certain eye shadow palette and her sister gifted her the wrong one. Or maybe your kids received art supplies for Christmas but are missing smocks and easels. 

Luckily, there are plenty of after-Christmas sales to shop right now, so you can pick up everything your family’s still missing after the holidays. Gift them an upgrade or a simple, yet thoughtful gift while you’re at it. Who said you couldn’t still surprise your loved ones after the holidays, too?


1. Electric Toothbrush 

Swapping your toothbrush for an electric one is easy, but it’s hard to spend that much money on yourself sometimes. Perhaps your mom or sibling feels the same way. Why not splurge a little and treat them — and maybe even yourself — to an upgrade this New Year? This simple, thoughtful gift is sure to put a smile on their face. 

Almost all electric toothbrushes come with a two-minute timer to make sure you brush your teeth for the recommended amount of time. They’re also better at cleaning those hard-to-reach spots, and some even connect to an app on your phone to track how well you brush. 

2. Movie Bucket List Poster 

Whether your brother is obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or your kids just love movie night, a movie bucket list poster is the perfect thing to give your loved ones in 2022. Scratch off movies on the poster as you view them until all 100 — or 300! — spots are visible, and the list is complete. 

Choose from a wide variety of genres, from anime to horror, to find one that would appeal to your family member. Gift it in a frame so all they have to do is hang it up, pop some popcorn and press play. When the credits roll, all they have to do is slip the poster from the frame and scratch off the corresponding square. 

3. Custom Travel Mug 

If you commute to work or simply can’t function without coffee, you know just how amazing travel mugs are. From keeping your java hot for hours to minimizing spills and stains, a travel mug is a must when you’re on the go. Some even come with insulation features and temperature control settings so they can sip all day without running to the microwave every half hour for a reheat. 

Add a personal touch to this simple gift by customizing the design or logo. Etsy, Amazon and anyone with a Cricut Mug Press will have plenty of options to choose from. Applying stickers or even hand-painting a travel mug are great options, too.  

4. Tea of the Month Subscription 

January is just as cold and dreary as December, making the new year the perfect time to enjoy a steaming mug of tea. Of course, you could simply send your loved one a box of chai or English breakfast tea, but if you’re unsure which kind they like best, gift them a tea of the month subscription. 

This thoughtful gift will present them with an assortment of teas to try each month. Send cold-weather teas during the winter and varieties for making iced tea in the summer. With subscriptions ranging from $3 to $37, there’s a plan for every tea lover — and budget!

5. Massage Therapy Gun

Maybe your son is super involved in sports or your partner loves hitting the gym after getting home from work. Maybe they even received workout equipment for Christmas this year. But did anyone think to gift them a massage therapy gun? 

Encourage rest and recovery with this simple, thoughtful and effective gift. Whether they want relief at work, after a run or on vacation, there’s a style and intensity level that’s right for them. Reduce muscle tension in seconds, relieve tightness and pain and, best of all, nix complaints about sore muscles forever!

6. DNA Testing Kit 

Is your child making family trees at school? Take an even deeper dive into your lineage together by gifting them a DNA testing kit. This gift is one they’ll cherish for a lifetime, especially if you don’t know much about your family history. 

AncestyDNA is a clear choice if you want simple, comprehensive reports. However, if you want your recipient to have information that differentiates between maternal and paternal lineages, try upgrading to FamilyTreeDNA. This option provides a more detailed analysis. 

Keep It Simple

Buying gifts for family doesn’t have to be complicated. Just keep their lifestyles and interests in mind when purchasing more niche items. Many of the ones above are rather straightforward and thus are well-suited for all kinds of people, regardless of age or personality. Keep it simple and you’re sure to find something they’ll love and use often in the new year.


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