Securing The Best Shipping Solutions For Your Company.

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Today it’s possible to keep track of all the trucks in your fleet using real-time technology that employs aspects of IoT and the cloud. The Internet of Things is a term referring to internet-enabled devices that aren’t of the personal computer variety—though they may have some function in that capacity.


Thermostats, garage doors, LED lighting fixtures, refrigerators, freezers, watches, smartphones, smart cars—these are all part of the internet of things. As technology has expanded, big data has made it possible to monitor IoT devices in real time, meaning shipping networks can be consolidated through data.


If you’ve got a fleet of three hundred trucks regularly delivering products to a variety of clients, you’ve got an opportunity to collect some serious information. You can send trucks through different routes and see what kind of numbers come back, thus determining the most cost-effective pathways for your drivers to take.


If you can curtail travel expenses such that each driver in each fleet saves $100 in wear, tear, time, and cost per trip, that’s $10,000 per cycle. If your cycles are daily, you’ll be saving $300k a month. Of course, this will all depend on the size and scope of your operations.

Finding The Best Vehicles

Your next big step in securing the best shipping solutions for your company should include getting vehicles that are of the finest, most secure manufacture. You ideally want trucks that have been around a couple decades and have a solid reputation.


There is good reason many professional drivers are regularly on the lookout for a used Peterbilt for sale. Finding a reputable company with a full line of quality trucks is the desirable option. Be sure to choose truck dealers that offer cutting-edge design.


Technology today is rapidly changing the scope of what’s possible. Where before, digitally designed and manufactured components were more expensive and difficult to design, computational and technological advancement today is turning vehicles into more intricately and solidly functioning units more cost-effectively.


Whether you go the used route or the cutting-edge route, you need to buy carefully and be fastidious in the maintenance of your vehicular fleet. Innovations in communications and the technology of design, manufacture, and transit can prove very beneficial to your business in terms of cost. These innovations should be used.

Move Only As Fast As Is Profitable

You don’t have to unveil something totally new at once. You can follow the paths of a few trucks at first in order to get an idea of how to go about designing an information collection system. You may want to consult professional tech specialists in order to do this with greatest effectiveness.


Data collection is a very wise habit to get into. For example, sometimes it’s better to go with new trucks and other times it’s better to go with older ones. It depends on the kind of loads being transported, the kind of wear and tear the vehicles will expect, and the kind of image your company is trying to promote.


You may run an older Peterbilt against the newest one that has come off the assembly line, then determine which unit works best for your business in terms of overall cost. You’ve got initial purchase and continual maintenance to contend with. Depending on the initial cost of new vehicles, used ones that are solidly built could be recommendable.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your proclivities are, what matters is which is most cost-effective to your business. So find where redundant practices can be curtailed, ensure you’ve got the most solid equipment available, and don’t neglect new technological innovations as they become available.




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