Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Gamer

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It’s that time of year again when the days get colder and holiday decorations start going up. For many, the holiday season means lots of Christmas parties. Whether you’re gearing up for an ugly sweater party with friends or a company party with coworkers, you may find yourself trying to come up with some Secret Santa gift ideas. So what are the best Secret Santa gift ideas for gamers? Take a look at some of our go-tos!


Blue Light Glasses

Perfect for anyone that finds themselves looking at a screen for an extended period of time, blue light glasses would make the perfect Secret Santa gift for a gamer! Lengthen the amount of time that they’re able to game without putting added strain on their eyes. You can find some good looking blue light glasses for less than $20 and in varying styles for both men and women, making this an easy Secret Santa gamer gift idea.

Gamer Attire

What gamer doesn’t love a good t-shirt to advertise their favorite game or franchise? Whether they’re gaga for Call of Duty or completely loyal to any and all things Zelda, finding some attire that fits their passion would make an awesome Secret Santa gift. Choose a t-shirt, sweater, hat, or even some cool socks! 

Controller Skins

Every gamer loves items that can make their gaming experience more enjoyable and comfortable. Getting them some controller skins is a great way to help them maintain a good hold on their controller, ensuring they’re able to focus on their game more effectively. These Lizard Skins Xbox controller grips come in a variety of colors, and are an easy gift idea for any gamer. What’s better, they’re available for a number of controller types!

Bluetooth Headphones

What better way for a gamer to get more in tune with their game than to incorporate headphones while gaming? A good pair of bluetooth headphones can completely change a gamer’s experience, and there are some that will make them look incredibly cool. What’s better is that this gift doesn’t have to break the bank- easily find some high-quality bluetooth headphones for right around $20!

Switch Carrying Case

Is their go-to gaming console a Nintendo Switch? I mean, how can you blame them? Portable and versatile, it’s an awesome gaming system. Make it even better by giving them a carrying case for their Switch. A lot of Switch carrying cases have molding to properly protect the console, as well as space to store games, making it easy to carry their entire system with them wherever they go.

Wireless Charger

There’s nothing worse for a gamer than finding themselves in the middle of a game on their phone and losing their place when their phone dies. Use the Secret Santa gift exchange as an opportunity to resolve this problem! A wireless charging pad is a great gift option for just about anyone, but especially for gamers. All they have to do is plug it in by their desk or bed and set their phone on it and the charging begins. No more messing around with chords!

Gift Card

Feeling stumped about what to give a gamer? When all else fails, a gift card is always a good way to go. There are gift cards available for a specific console’s online store, so if you know what their favorite gaming console is, this is a great way to go! You could also get them a gift card to Walmart or Target with a note saying that you want them to use it to get a new game.

So as you get geared up for the holiday season and all of your Secret Santa gift exchanges, be sure to take some of these gift ideas for gamers into consideration. Happy shopping!


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