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Recovering From Liposuction: Here’s What To Expect

Patients choose cosmetic procedures to enhance the way they look and improve their self-esteem. Weight can become a serious obstacle for many people and is hard to lose as they age. The thighs, midsection, and lower back are often real problem areas for anyone trying to lose weight. Lipo could be the best option for eliminating fat and achieving a better weight. 

What To Expect With Lipo

Liposuction requires the clinician to make small incisions for the wand to go underneath the skin to remove fat deposits. They will suck the fat out of the patient’s body using the wand, and the fat will flow into a canister connected to the tubing. The amount of fat removed from the body determines how much weight the patient can lose during each session. After the clinician has stopped removing the fat, they will close the incision. 

With liposuction, the patient will lose some weight around the target area. Many patients choose lipo for their midsection, arms, and legs. The procedure can help individuals who are struggling to lose weight and haven’t with exercise and diet programs alone. The patients must understand that it is an invasive procedure and could present some risks. They will have to give themselves time to recover before returning to their normal lives. 

What Happens After Lipo?

After lipo, the patient will experience some pain, redness, and bruising around the incision site. Doctors recommend taking over-the-counter medications for pain. Most patients will not need prescription pain medications following lipo. If the patient sees any signs of an infection, they must contact the clinician for emergency treatment. Some infections could become severe after lipo, and some are life-threatening. 

Will the Patient Have Scars

With liposuction, there is a small risk of scarring, but it is not as noticeable as with some other procedures. The incision doesn’t have to be large for the clinician to place the wand underneath the skin. The clinician will review the target area and try to make the incision in an area where it isn’t easy to see. Minimal scarring won’t present the patient with any embarrassing moments, and they won’t feel self-conscious.  

Are The Results Immediate?

No, the results are not immediate for everyone, and most patients won’t realize their results until after the swelling goes down. They can notice a change in their weight and see where the fat was removed from the target area. Some patients may notice some loose skin in the treated area. If they have lost a significant amount of weight, the patient may need to have an additional surgery to remove the sagging skin.  

How Do You Maintain Your Results?

The only way to maintain the results of liposuction is to follow an exercise and diet plan as directed by the doctor. Liposuction is not a permanent solution for weight gain or fat deposits. The patient must complete an exercise program that addresses their problem areas effectively. They must also eat healthier and avoid fatty and sugary foods.  

Patients who are struggling with their weight and fat deposits may choose to undergo liposuction surgery. The procedure removes a large quantity of fat at once and could help the patient slim down. There are some risks involved in the surgery, and patients must review the pros and cons of the procedures before scheduling them. By reviewing what to expect, the patients are prepared for the procedure and what happens afterward.  



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