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How you book online consultation for hair transplant?

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With the rise of medical tourism, rose the concept of virtual consultation which saves time and distance for patients seeking medical help abroad who merely want to inquire and learn their candidacy for a particular procedure. Instead of crossing seas only to find out that your trip was a waste of time, money, and energy; you can now find whether you are fit for hair transplants or not from the comforts of your home.


What are online consultations for

As is the case with any medical procedure, not any person could make for a suitable candidate for the surgery. Vera Clinic has made it possible for its patients to inquire about their personal case from their homes. In order for hair transplants to be successful, various conditions need to be available. Disorders like diabetes that affect wound healing exclude their victims from the surgery.

In addition, you need to have sufficient donor regions that could cover your balding scalp. Donor region refers to the part in your scalp from which hair growth is both stable and predictable to harvest follicular units from and later relocate to areas of hair loss. In some instances, patients may have donor regions, but unfortunately, the supply is not adequate to cover the balding areas. Consequently, for that reason, if you suffer from alopecia universalist (hair loss all over the body) or alopecia totals (complete hair loss in the scalp), you do not make for a suitable candidate for hair transplants.

Another critical factor is the underlying cause of hair loss which may affect the predictability of hair loss and stability of donor regions. Conditions that could exempt you from continuing with the procedure include alopecia aerate. Hair loss from injuries, styling, or hormones (androgenic alopecia) can be reversed with hair transplants.

The equipment you may need

All you need is your phone camera. First, the medical specialist assisting you will request pictures of both your donor regions and balding regions. Since your candidacy depends entirely on the images of said regions, you need to master the art of picture taking. Here are a few tips that you could use for clearer pictures.

1- Never use flash

You should never use flash when taking pictures of your scalp. For starters, flash distorts and alters features to make them either appear to be thicker or thinner than they are in reality. In other words, they could alter your donor and recipient regions in a way that would eventually harm you. If your donor regions appear thicker than they really are, you will probably be rejected when you go for the in-person consultation. Likewise, if they make your donor regions appear lighter or recipient region bigger, you may be dismissed although you make for a suitable candidate. As a result, you should be careful not to use flash while clicking away with your camera to help your medical specialist assess your case.

2- Consistent lighting

If this sounds more like a long-term precaution, then you guessed right. You may not need to maintain your lighting when taking pictures of your scalp as they will be taken in the same period. However, your medical specialist will follow-up with your post-surgery and request pictures to ensure a safe recovery for you. As a result, you should take your pictures in a room in your house that you can resort back to when necessary. Book your consultation today by visiting : and Take the first steps towards a better you.



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