Why Pursue a Career in Construction Management.

​Construction management careers were and continue to be highly sought after and crucial positions in America, especially with the overwhelming growth the industry has experienced in the past decade. With the industry growth on track to continue expanding for the next twenty years, there has never been a better time to pursue a masters in construction management than right now.

If you have ever considered this career route, or are simply looking around at what college degree you might want to pursue, then check out these top reasons why so many have chosen to enter this industry on a management level.

The Pay

Let’s start with the number one question, the pay. College is a large commitment that can incur an even larger amount of debt, which makes many seek a career path that will be worth their investment. So, how much does this particular career actually pay?

U.S. News reported that construction managers made a median salary of $87,400, with the highest paid professionals netting over $155,000 a year. While the job certainly offers a great level of financial stability, it also offers an excellent amount of personal satisfaction.

Rewarding Work

The daily routine of a construction manager is more intense, and considered fun by many professionals, than a stuffy 9 to 5 office job. Not only do you get to work in the open air, the job presents several challenges that will keep you engaged and offer you a rewarding feeling once they’re solved.

After a project is complete, there’s something special about taking a step back to look at the result of your hard work and determination in physical form. There aren’t too many industries left that allow their workers to see the fruits of labor in person.

It Stays Exciting

Not many are partial to waking up in the morning, but having a brand new job certainly provides extra motivation. However, plenty of people find themselves bored or in a rut after just a few months in. Construction management is constantly engaging, which keeps the job exciting.

One morning you’ll wake up knowing that today’s job is overseeing rock blasting, while another day will feature heavy machinery digging 20 foot deep trenches into the Earth. No two days are exactly alike, neither is one job to the next, and you’ll play a key factor in all of it.

Continued Development

​You will build a variety of skill sets during your education, but construction management offers a continual growth that many other career paths simply do not. While you might obtain a lateral promotion at an office marketing job, this field demands that you adapt and grow to meet new building challenges as well as the chance to be an entrepreneur.

Professional All-Star

​There are only a select few careers that allow people to be their own boss and spend their day out on the field. Some days might be spent working on invoicing and marketing in the office while others might consist of 10 hour long shifts trying to meet a construction deadline. However, choosing the management side of this industry puts you in charge of both.

That kind of variety in day to day operations is hard to find in any job. The mixture of these two aspects helps keep things interesting and motivate you to further your career, increasing your salary in the process.

All in all, construction management offers a variety of benefits that other careers simply do not. It takes hard work and motivation, but pursuing a degree in this industry can put you on track for one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers on the market.


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