The Best Ways to Clean Up Your BBQ 

There’s no getting away from it – cleaning up after yourself is far from ideal! However, failing to clean the ash or food residue after you’ve finished your BBQ isn’t a good strategy. To help make the task of cleaning a BBQ that little bit easier, here are some top tips on how to go about it the right way.

Dissect your BBQ 

One of the most common mistakes that people make when cleaning their BBQs is that they forget to dissect them in the first place. To make sure your BBQ is cleaned to perfection, you will need to remove each component part and give each of them a thorough clean. Begin with the grill, as this is likely to be covered in grease and work your way through your BBQ from there. Falling into the trap of just wiping the grill clean doesn’t get to the bottom of the grease and muck and will cause you an issue when you next come to use your BBQ. 

Clean the grill grate 

After the BBQ fun has ended, cleaning the grill grate is pretty grim. After catching all the grease, fat, and food debris, it will require some elbow grease to clean it properly. So, how do you clean the grate, so it looks new and shiny once again? You will need to use a stiff-wire brush and a soapy solution that will help remove the most stubborn bits from the grate. While it will take a while, you will get the job done in the end. In the future, when you’re cooking on the BBQ, pour some vegetable oil into the grate. This will stop food from sticking, and it will also protect your grill from rust. 

Remove any leftover ash

Something else that you will need to avoid is leaving too much ash at the foot of your BBQ. A build-up of ash causes the vents in your BBQ to block, which makes temperature control that much more difficult when you’re loading up the barbie with your favorite meat. Once you think you’ve removed all of the ash, go back and check for a second time once you have removed the charcoal grate. After all, the more ash you remove, the better your BBQ will perform next time you use it.

Give it time to dry 

After thoroughly scrubbing your BBQ, it’s time to reattach the various compartments. You can then set about cleaning the outside with soap and a sponge. Before you close the lid of the BBQ, leave it open so fresh air can circulate and dry out the various bits and pieces. After an hour or so, close the lid and roll your BBQ back into place. It’s super important that you don’t leave the grill exposed, as it is likely to suffer from rust. 

Cleaning the BBQ isn’t a job that anyone enjoys, but it’s necessary! If you leave it sitting with fat and grease, it will ruin your BBQ in the long run and affect the quality of your food as a result. If you’re looking for the perfect fuel for your BBQ, Homefire’s BBQ charcoal is just what you need. You can also pick up some firelighters to make your life a little easier when you’re igniting your barbie. 



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