Do You Still Pay Electricity Bills With Solar Panels?

Like most homeowners looking to shift to more sustainable ways of living, you’re probably familiar with solar panels. However, while you may know that it helps reduce energy bills, you may not know whether or not you should still pay for electric bills with these panels installed in your home. The average cost of solar panels in Las Vegas suggests that users may still need to shell out a certain amount for standard grid-sourced power.

Now that we have that covered let’s find out exactly what to expect from your electric bills post-solar installation. How are the first few months expected to pan out? What figures should you expect on your energy bills? Read on to find out.


Will You Still Have an Electric Bill Post-Installation?

The short answer is, yes, you will. However, this amount would be less than what you would have to pay without solar panels. How much would you be able to save exactly?

To find out, let’s go over how the installation process works.

The utility company will offer an early payment option when the solar power system is first installed. The yearly billing cycle begins when the system is activated and not necessarily when it was installed. It then ends a year later. This is what the company calls the “true-up” bill.

You get a breakdown of the amount of energy credited to your account in the true-up bill. It also reflects how much you’ve consumed. The bill is paid annually, though a monthly or quarterly statement presenting your usage and credits may be provided.

If you use gas, panels won’t cover the utility’s gas portion. Thus, that would still be reflected in full on your bill.

In time, your system will eventually produce enough power so that the utility company ends up owing you money. This is part of what makes solar panels a worthy installation and certainly worth the wait.

Reasons for Too-High Bills

Even with solar panels installed, the amount on your electric bills can still be shocking. This usually occurs upon receiving the first “true-up” bill, but something seems amiss even then.

You may think the figure is not a true reflection of your usage. It may also seem as if you were using too much when, in fact, you were not. These situations are not easy to handle for someone who has only begun to use solar panels. Instead of feeling panicked or like you’ve committed an error, focus on the following.

It’s very rarely the case that you are to blame. Check out these reasons why a solar bill might be too high for your liking:

1. A Faulty System

While this is uncommon, it certainly can’t be ruled out. You’ll want to consider this a prime culprit whenever your system isn’t working as well as it should. Solar power systems are generally installed correctly and, thus, will run accordingly. Sometimes, however, the occasional mistake happens, and you’ll feel as if the system has failed you.

It hasn’t failed you, although the company may have. Hence, talk with the company representatives about fixing and preventing these problems in your system. Better yet, hire a dependable company next time—one with a good track record. Doing so helps bypass issues during the first few months after installation. It also allows you to understand more about your system’s output and how to read it.

Partnering with a renowned company means you won’t need to ask for telltale signs of trouble. These should be volunteered to you without a second thought. If you notice any problems with your system, don’t hesitate to contact the team that installed it.

2. Too Much Power Consumption

Some homes consume more power than others; that’s a given. If your abode happens to be such, consider which appliances consume the most power. In most cases, it would be more significant, more demanding appliances.

Let’s take an air conditioner, for instance. Such an electronic device would use about 2,000 kWh of electricity annually. A clothes washer and dryer, and heat pump may also consume right around that range. Thus, you could be eating up much of your solar savings and making it hard to benefit from your system’s cost-saving features.

3. Incorrect Meter Reading

When everything is installed correctly, and you don’t spot anything wrong, consider if it maybe you who has made a mistake. You could be reading the meter wrong, which is common among first-time owners of solar panels. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, as that can be corrected instantly.

Choose a Good Company!

It’s normal to have trouble understanding what having a solar power system entail. You must also take the statement “reduced energy bills” with a grain of salt since many things can factor into this equation. Work with a company willing to educate you fully on the pros and cons of being a solar user. That way, you’ll know what to do to the full benefits of your system and how to acquire it faster.






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