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Look to Props in a Box for a Rollicking Good Time

Kids these days are so technically savvy. If I have a computer question, I ask one of my grand kids for help.  But, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to have imaginative play in their lives.  With Props in a Box the two can be seamlessly combined.

Props in a Box

Props in a Box

Children can play out their fantasies with all the goodies that come in the  Box, then with the Movie Maker App on smart phone or tablet, then their fun can be recorded to make their very own movie. They even provide “Story Starters” to help you get going.

Props in a Box

About Props in a Box

Props in a Box engages the entire family to create stories with our whimsical props, costumes and backdrops. Then enhance those memories with our Props in a Box movie maker app & special effects. We believe that glass slippers can be firefighter boot and pumpkins can be pirate ships! Let kids create tales of their imagination, scenes laid out in far away lands, heroic adventures, hairbreadth escapes, and even when they know it’s impossible, they still believe!

Props in a Box
“Every Props in a Box ™ & Props in a Bag Kit comes with a whimsical backdrop. A perfect way to set any scene or hang in a child’s bedroom as part of their decor.”

No matter if your little darling is into Dinosaurs or Doctors…Fishermen or Astronauts…or maybe Princesses of Chefs, Props in a Box has got them covered.  Purchase Props in a Box Props or in a Bag a  You’ll have everything you need to make your child the STAR of their own movies.

Props in a Box
“Every Props in a Bag comes in drawstring backpack & with assorted props for 1 character, a 36″ x 28″ backdrop and info to download the Props in a Box Movie Maker App ™”

When I asked my 9 year old grand daughter to pose with her Box, she was mortified.  “But Nonnie, these are for 5 year olds!”, she said, as she was happily playing with her box and making movie after movie. I think that many children much older would still get a kick out of the any of the products.  They would even make for fun grown up parties!  I can just see my oldest daughter’s Sunday Night Dinner Club having a blast putting on crazy skits.

Props in a BoxThis holiday season, think Props in a Box for fun for years worth of fun!

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