Pollution and Pregnancy: How Air Quality Can Affect An Unborn Child

Exposure to air pollution can affect everyone, especially pregnant women and unborn babies. Experts say that breathing ‘toxic air’ from car emissions are putting pregnant women at risk of miscarriage as well as premature birth for their babies. It profoundly impacts fetal development, especially the unborn child’s survival.

Ever family wants a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, so couples want to ensure that their babies won’t have any complications or illnesses. Most women would even do neighborhood chores in their cars so they wouldn’t have to walk too much and strain the baby. But did you know that pregnant women are at risk even when they drive a car?

How driving a car affects pregnancy

The level of air pollution inside a vehicle is twice as much as what people can get when they walk. At least 57 percent of women use cars more, especially during the later stages of their pregnancy. Previous studies suggest that pregnant women’s exposure to toxic gases from air pollution increases the risk of premature birth. It also includes low birth weight and a higher risk for infant mortality.

Air pollution has tremendous effects on everyone, even the unborn. That’s why everyone should take responsibility for this matter to ensure the future of everyone.

One way of protecting pregnant women from exposure to pollution is by working at home. Doing so will help minimize the chances of exposure to pollutants that can harm their child’s growth. You can also ask a family doctor near your West Jordan home for more information about it.

Protect yourself from air pollution

It’s challenging to avoid potential threats that can harm a woman’s health as well as that of the baby. But there are several ways to help reduce the exposure to harmful pollutants.

The Air Quality Index every day can help you become aware of the air quality in your area. Although the air seems clear, there’s a considerable chance that it has pollutants and chemicals. Reading the Air Quality Index will give you an idea if you should be alarmed with the pollution levels or not.

Another way to protect yourself from air pollution is by getting an air purifier. Air pollution doesn’t only exist in the outdoors. Experts say that pollutants inside the home are at least two times higher than outdoors. That’s why it’s crucial to buy air purifiers for your house. Using them can help remove the allergens, smoke, and even germs from your air.

Also, use fewer chemicals as much as possible. Using hair spray or exposing yourself to VOC coming from a paint can also put your unborn child at risk. It’s best to grow plants and walk in areas where there is an abundance of trees. Plants produce oxygen, and putting more inside your home or workplace could improve air quality.

Protecting yourself is a must, especially when you’re pregnant. Try to learn as much as you can about pollutants and the many ways exposure is possible. Asking a doctor about it is beneficial so that you can get the right advice.



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    I haven’t ever thought about this. Thanks for calling it to attention, it’s definitely something we should all pay attention to.


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