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5 Up-and-Coming Industries You Should Consider Joining

Whether you’re looking into your first career or are considering changing fields after years of employment, you should be aware of your different career options. There are some industries that are up and coming, with high potential for growth and good-paying opportunities. Regardless of your lifestyle, there is something that will suit you. If you are looking into options for your future, here are five up-and-coming industries to consider joining.



People will always need places to live and work. This means there will always be a need for construction workers. There are many different kinds of jobs to do within the construction industry. It doesn’t mean just the people who are physically building. You might also look into procuring materials for construction companies. The sheet metal industry, for example, is projected to increase in size by 4.09% each year from 2018 to 2022. This is because there is more construction happening right now than ever, and sheet metal workers among other professionals are needed during the construction process.

Food Preparation

People will also always need to eat. The food preparation industry includes everything from preserving and shipping food to grocery stores to high-end restaurants to school cafeterias. It can support any lifestyle that you want to live. If you are capable of handling consumables in a safe, sanitary way, the food industry can be a great place to start a career.


Today’s world heavily relies on technology. If something goes wrong with that technology, businesses need someone with the skill and training necessary to fix it. They also need people who can keep up with the development of new technology and figure out how it will apply in very specific situations. According to recent statistics, the managed IT market is looking at growth reaching about $193 billion in the near future. If you’re tech-savvy and want a career where your specific skills will always be needed, the IT industry is one to consider.

Information Services

People need to have access to accurate information. A career in information services would make you part of the process of getting that information to them. Information services jobs range from handling broadcasting on local news channels to writing informative, usable content for websites. It is a good option for people who care about information literacy and want to make sure that their community has access to information and resources that can make their lives better. With so many different parts to it and a range of ways to get involved, information services will remain a growing industry.


Healthcare is a human need. There are also so many different fields within healthcare, so one is bound to fit your interests and lifestyle. The types of jobs within healthcare range from entry-level to positions that require years of study. To become an orthodontist, for instance, it often takes over 10 years of study. However, this job is necessary and pays well, so it is attractive to many. The same goes for all other kinds of doctors.

On the other hand, there are also jobs that pay well, have good job satisfaction, and don’t require as much training, such as nursing or research positions. People are always going to need healthcare throughout their entire lives. Plus, since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a physician shortage, so this industry will need help and is one to truly consider joining.

There will always be jobs available in the industries that directly impact people’s lives. If you’re looking for a change after years in a different field or you’re considering where to go for your first job, look into industries that are continuously growing. You’ll be able to work with concepts and positions that interest you, giving you strong job security for years to come.


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