The role of toll-free number in your business success

Since its inception, our telecommunication has evolved, revolutionized, and ameliorated in numerous ways. Though each development has played a crucial role in making it what it is today, the indentation of toll-free number has its significance that can’t be compared. This type of business phone number is what makes business communication reliable, affordable, and customer-centric.

So, what is a toll-free number?

What makes it different from other virtual phone numbers?

What role does it play in business success?

These are some of the questions that would be haunting your mind by now.

Well, don’t wander further as we have brought all the answers right here

What is the toll-free number? 

A toll-free number comprises of a special digit-code that businesses can use to set their customers free from call incurring charges. Keeping it simple, calling a toll-free number is absolutely free for the customers. The company/business pays for those call charges.

Digit codes in a toll-free number can be 1800, 844, 855, 866, and 888. This sort of digit coding in phone numbers gives a special significance to your business as customers are likely to recognize you easily.  Apart from a digit code number, you can also ask for a vanity number. A vanity number is a type of toll-free numbers wherein you can add your business name in your phone number.

For example, instead of having a separate US phone number for places like California (1-408), District of Columbia (1-202), Michigan (1-231), you can own a brand-specific vanity number and let your customers recognize you easily.

Why is the world going ga-ga over toll-free number? 

More than 8000 toll-free numbers are getting registered every day. And this, indeed, is one of the most important things to know if you are a business owner and looking for ways to improve your market significance, reduce operational costs, improve the outcomes of your marketing strategies, and reach out to the customers without any geographical boundaries.

Yes. You can get a hold of all of these and more with the help of a toll-free number. That’s what makes a business go ga-ga over this type of business phone number.

Want to make your marketing strategy impressive? Get a toll-free number.

The prime motto of any marketing strategy is to educate your customers about your presence and connect with them at ground level so that they only come to you when the need arises. Using toll-free number can help you acquire all of it.

As this type of VoIP phone number comes with digit codes, it is easy to memorize them.  Plus, with a vanity number, you can present your brand directly. You can also create multiple extensions dedicated to each marketing campaign and track the performance separately. Also, instead of buying different numbers for different locations, a toll-free number can help you build a centralized marketing platform.

For instance, if you are operating in different parts of the US then instead of using different phone numbers of different areas such as Atlanta (+1-404), Baltimore (+1-443), Brooklyn (+1-347) and so on, you can have a dedicated toll-free number  and conduct all of your marketing campaigns from a  single place.

Want to get hold of great customer satisfaction? Here is the toll-free number for your help. 

Regardless of the nature of your business, you need to have a strong database of satisfied customers. The more vast and reliable your database would be, the more likely you will be able to thrive in this brutal competitive era.

Do you know that around 70% of customers stick to their service provider if it offers great customer service? 

Though the data is impressive, pleasing customers is not easy. One of the easiest ways is to set them free from calling charges. When you have a business phone number that offers free calling, your customers are likely to contact without any qualms. Also, it creates an impression that you, as a business, care for them, and try paying them back in the form of good services & support.

Want to reach out to the customers as soon as possible? Take toll-free number on-board.

When it comes to sales generation, each second holds importance. You need to reach out to the customers as soon as they think about your services/products. The toll-free virtual phone numbers can be easily integrated on your websites/web-page and let your customers reach out with click-to-call facility. They need not dial your number to call you. They can contact you without wasting a single second. More than 70% of customers prefer this type of means of communication as per Google.

So, what are you waiting for? 

If using a toll-free number can benefit you in many different ways, then still using that traditional landline number is nothing but stupidity. So, replace it with a toll-free number today and reap its multiple benefits.



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