#PlayLikeHasbro, fun toys for the kids to enjoy!!

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It’s that time of year where Hasbro share their #PlayLikeHasbro Quarterly toys with us. If you’re an avid reader of the Night Helper you’ve seen us talk about some of Hasbro great toys before.

This time they share with us the Yo-kai Watch Toy, Nerf Dude PerfectShot Hoops Set, and Mr. Potato Head Transformers.

The kids were so excited to see each one of these toys, especially Jordan! He was the first one to grab the Yo-kai Watch Toy & Mr. Potato Head Transformers.

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And Jalen went right for the Nerf Dude PerfectShot Hoops Set because he loves playing ball. Both boys played for hours but what really had me lol was Jalen woke up for school the next day, got dressed, ate his breakfast and begun to shoot a few shots before school.

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I actually had to go into his room and remove the Nerf Dude PerfectShot Hoops Set so we wouldn’t be late. LOL!! Now if you’ve never heard of these toys before let me tell you about each one.

hasbropotatoe head


Mr. Potato Head–  The Rescue Bots are back, and now they’re tater Transformers! Little hands can mix and mash the fun of Mr. Potato Head with Transformers parts to create an Optimus Prime tater robot or truck. It’s easy to put the 2-inch potato body on the truck or robot base and then add arms and a helmet, and just as easy to rebuild the tater in the other mode! The parts work with other sets (sold separately), so little ones can build an Optimus Prime robot tater with Starscream arms. Get them all so your kids can create a whole mash of mixed-up Transformers heroes!

Nerf-Sports-HoopNerf Dude Perfect ShotHoop Set If your kids are anything like my kids they too will enjoy shooting a few hoops as they say. It’s the perfect set to place anywhere in your home or outdoors because of its durable Nerf Flexible hanger. Compete with friends to score points, just grab some friends for a pick-up game, or try some challenging shots. The instructions include game starters and trick shot ideas. Go big with the PerfectShot Hoops game, which combines the adrenaline rush of Nerf Sports with the exhilarating fun of Dude Perfect!


Last we have the Yo-kai Watch Season 1 Watch. OMGoodness, Jordan played with this watch all day even while lying in bed….LOL! Apparently he knows a lot about Yo-Kai because when I asked him a few questions about the watch he stated: “where you been, they have a lot of video games and toys plus they have a TV show”! I’m like well alright Mr. Smarty pants…lol!!


YO-KAI-Watch- Experience the world of YO-KAI with a new YO-KAI Watch toy to summon everyone’s favorite mischievous YO-KAI characters!

I can honestly say, it doesn’t matter what Hasbro come out with kids will always enjoy playing with their toys and here’s why: they’re fun, exciting, entertaining, good quality and are great for any age.



To learn more about #PlayLikeHasbro or #MorePlayToday visit their website and don’t forget to keep up with them via FaceBook & Twitter to keep up with the latest.



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  • May 3, 2016 at 11:08 am

    I enjoyed Reading your Review on these wonderful Hasbro Toys! With 8 Grandchildren and 4 almost 5 Great Grandchildren I try to keep up with the Different Toys that are in.. Hasbro has some of the Best!! I really love the Mr Potato Head Transformers!! I have Always been a Mr Potato Head Fan! 🙂 Thankyou again for you wonderful Review!!


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