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Playing While Staying Healthy: 6 Fun Exercises for Your Entire Family

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Sometimes, it seems like the whole family sits around on the computer, watching TV, and playing video games far more than they should. Getting up and going doesn’t need to be a chore and it doesn’t need to be something everyone dreads. Going outside and getting a little bit of exercise can be fun and can be a way for everyone to hang out together for a little bit. Try out the following exercises for a fun way to get your family up and moving.

Fun Workout Program

Online, there are plenty of streaming workouts to check out. Try to find one everyone can do at least most of. Even if someone in the family can’t do everything in the video, they can still participate and do as much as they can. Look for videos that use minimal equipment as well so nothing needs to be purchased to enjoy the exercises.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a great way to get moving and work on muscle strength, but kids might not be up for a full adult yoga session. Instead, look for books or videos that cater to the younger kids. Everyone can do the yoga techniques designed for kids so that the whole family can have fun together. The right program is entertaining and helps the little ones get into yoga and learn the moves.

Taking a Walk Around the Neighborhood

Walks are a great way to get the whole family together. The walk doesn’t need to be long, just enough to see the sights around the neighborhood, get some exercise and get out in the sunlight a bit. It’s even possible to bring the dog along, so every member of the family is having fun together. Try walking around the neighborhood before or after dinner or try going to the park for a nice walk with new views.

Play Sports Together

Even the youngest kids will have fun tossing a ball or kicking it around the yard. Sports don’t have to include formal training and can be done with the whole family playing together. Everyone can strive to gain their own points or they can split up in teams to see which one might win. It’s even fun to just play without any points, letting everyone have a lot of fun without worrying about keeping score.

Use Chores to Get Moving

Chores have to be done around the home, so why not make them fun? Try dancing while sweeping the floor, tossing trash into the trash can to see who tosses better, or do quick and easy exercises together between smaller chores. This makes doing chores more fun and gets everyone moving.

Spend Time in the Garden

Gardening is a great way to get outside and get a little exercise. Younger kids can use a smaller kid-sized rake to gather leaves or dig in the dirt to get it ready for planting. Older kids can help put together a vegetable garden and work on weeding. Help the kids figure out what they can do in the garden and make a habit of working on the garden regularly to help them get outside and moving.


Getting kids up and moving doesn’t have to be hard and there are plenty of ways to exercise together as a family. Try some of these ideas today to get your kids moving inside or outside and promote a healthier lifestyle.



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