How parenting changed over the time

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The world is constantly changing and so is every aspect of our lives, including parenting and raising children. It has dramatically changed since the 1950s, but even those who had their first child born 10 or 15 years ago and decide on another one now, admit that it’s totally different, in a range of various aspects – children’s items and toys, the way we clothe them, how we talk to them, the cost of a playground, and more. So how parenting changed specifically?


  • Taking photos used to be a big deal. There were no smartphones and cell-phones didn’t have cameras, or they were really bad. Photos captured specific moments and it wasn’t possible to make hundreds of different shots of the same thing. Now families have incomparably more pictures taken than in the past.
  • More and more same-sex couples have children. It’s not only about these couples having and raising children, but also how they are perceived by the environment. Little kids these days are more open and tolerant, and a marriage is no longer a relationship between a man and a woman only.
  • There were no smartphones. Screen time was about watching television once a day (or rarer), there wasn’t any possibility to play your kids some cartoons and let them distract themselves. Also, parents couldn’t instantly check everything – they didn’t freak out because they Googled their children’s cough, and they relied more on family’s and friends’ advice.
  • Strollers used to face only one way. Now we know that by letting a child face the world instead of making them look only at the person pushing the stroller, we actually help them develop social and communication skills, language acquisition and the curiosity of the world.
  • There are more stay-at-home dads than in the past. In the past, they were almost nonexistent. It was actually something to be ashamed of if a man stayed at home and let his wife pursue her career. Now it’s normal that parents share their responsibilities equally – and rightly so.



To know more about raising children these days and how to organize their time, check out this infographic:



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