Mistakes to Avoid When Crafting a Narrative Essay

A tale is told through narrative writing, which may be found in both fiction and nonfiction. 

When attempting to explore narrative writing, novice, and unskilled authors frequently need help with difficulties since it requires practice and revision. 

The most typical errors are the idea of “show and tell” and the sheer quantity of essayists vying for space on the page. 

The ability to write a narrative essay is crucial for conducting field research because it gently leads the reader and gives them the freedom to come to their own conclusions.

In this article, we shall help you rectify your mistakes while writing a narrative essay.

However, before that, let us understand narrative essays better!


Understanding Narrative Essays

Students have the chance to express themselves, give life to their experiences and insights, and share their tales with readers through narrative essays. 

The significance of the subject matter for a narrative essay can range from significant to unimportant, and how the story is told is more essential than the tale itself. 

A narrative essay is a type of creative expression that lets pupils examine their own feelings and opinions about a particular subject.

Writing a narrative essay requires both the capacity to think creatively and a deep comprehension of story structure. 

They craft a dynamic and compelling tale using the first person, metaphorical language, dialogue, and suspense. They are distinct from the abilities required for formal academic writing.

How To Write The Best Narrative Essay?

Given below are some of the crucial mistakes that students often make while writing a narrative essay—

1. Missing Out A Uniform Argument

The most crucial information in this work is that students should present an argument in the beginning rather than saving it for the conclusion. 

It is not a good idea to write with the intention of coming up with an argument later on; rather, this argument should be weaved throughout the essay and backed by relevant instances and data. Prior to writing the essay, it’s crucial to organize your thesis.

An essay must have a strong argument if it is to be well-structured. The reader will find it simpler to grasp and more fascinating if there is structure and direction. 

Prior to writing, it’s critical to organize your ideas and have a strong argument. 

You should also anticipate that a reader who isn’t inside your brain would need clarification on your argument. You will regret it if you don’t, so be as precise and explicit as possible.

2. Mismatched Quotes

The most significant information in this essay is to show one’s mastery of a subject. Including direct quotes from academic articles and rewording indirect quotes in one’s own words is crucial. 

This is accomplished by rephrasing and articulating the ideas in your own words. It’s crucial to confirm that one has investigated the subject on their own and interacted with it.

While explicitly quoting an academic source might offer readers an authoritative viewpoint, it needs to show that the author has studied and comprehended the subject at hand. 

Instead, it needs to be contrasted with more nuanced ways of proving comprehension, such as paraphrasing and using one’s own words.

3. Failing To Create Suspense

Giving the reader hints and clues gradually while withholding the conclusion of the whole tale until later on or at the end of the narrative is a good way to generate tension. 

A suspenseful tale will make the reader anticipate, make assumptions, and ponder about the unknowable. 

Intriguing or peculiar details may add excitement to a story, like a full plate of food on the table while no one was home to cook it.

Both fiction and nonfiction work can employ the suspense-building method of foreshadowing. 

For example, a near-death or life-threatening situation might be utilized to give direct or indirect hints about the facts that will be discussed later in the tale.

4. Providing Too Much Information

An essay’s readability, which is crucial to its caliber and efficacy, might be harmed by too much material. 

No matter how well you create characters or create a scenario if readers find the tale difficult to follow, they won’t complete it.

Several factors, such as presenting background information on a subject to promote clarity or outlining a specific goal, concept, or idea, might contribute to information overload. 

The reader may get too much information or details about a subject in an author’s excessive attempt to fully describe or “define” it or too many events occurring to better “drive” home the point. 

In order to prevent this, authors should provide information in a clear, short manner and resist the impulse to overstuff the narrative with extra characters and events. 

Without such embellishments, readers should be able to infer the story’s fundamental theme or goal.

5. Improper Grammer And Structural Flaws

It’s crucial to refrain from using homophones in formal essays, such as “their,” “they’re,” and “their.” 

Additionally, you should detect the bulk of errors and pay great attention to your spelling when reading your document. 

Word processors typically catch these errors like Microsoft Word, and you should be able to revise this part of your work by reading it aloud. 

Ensure that all of your sentences are full and eliminate any phrases that can’t stand on their own or combine them with other sentences.

A formal essay should focus on a hypothetical circumstance rather than the writer or the reader. It’s crucial to maintain your page neat and even while writing casually. 

If it has to be double-spaced, double-space it; if it needs to be single-spaced, single-space it. 

Never use exclamation points and listen to your text aloud for errors. As your professor did not give you a paper because they wanted to do the work, do not pose queries to the reader.

Take Help For Your Narrative Essay Assignment

Getting stuck with an essay assignment is common. Narrative essays require plentiful imagination and time to create the structure and place your ideas accordingly.

However, you can always get help when writing a narrative essay. Online services like Fresh Essays help you overcome such writer’s block.

They provide you with custom-made essays that can help you present your ideas perfectly and score high in exams.

Moreover, taking up writing classes is also a great option if you want to learn the narrative essay style. Read multiple essays that are based on your niche and try to decode their styles.

Craft your writing style and describe your experiences and understanding through a narrative essay while avoiding the mistakes mentioned above!


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