Outdoor Entertainment: A Guide To Hosting Parties Year Round

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Life is all about striking the perfect balance. It can be a delicate act, finding time for leisure amidst the hustle and bustle of work, study, kids and everything else that comes with modern life. But it is so needed.

And one way to achieve balance with regards to your social life is to host outdoor parties. But what if your outdoor area isn’t quite set up for all seasons? In this useful blog, we’ll explain how you can modify your yard and host parties all year round.


Heating in Winter

A portable outdoor gas heater is the perfect way to keep your guests and yourself comfortable outdoors in winter. Without one, it would be way too cold, even with a few layers on.

A gas heater can be a central point of your yard, where your guests can converge and share food, drinks and merriment around the source of warmth.

Another option for heating during winter is an outdoor fire. Use a fire pit – be sensible. And it’s worth checking with your local government authority about the legality of an outdoor fire. If you’re allowed – go for it. Gathering around the fire is as ancient as humankind. 

Shade in Summer, and More

Equally important to heating in winter is having a suitable source of shade during the summer months. A shade cloth is a perfect solution to this. This will mean your guests can shelter in the shade while enjoying that perfectly grilled food and an ice-cold beverage. 

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you could invest in a sprinkler mist system. This means that your guests will chill out under a fine mist of water – enough to cool down with but not enough to drench them.

Tailor Your Menu

Another tip for hosting parties in your backyard all year round is to tailor your food menu according to the season.

For instance, you might put on a roast in winter, with juicy meat and tasty roast vegetables smothered in garlic. This is a warming meal that will provide comfort in the colder months.

And then, in summer, you can grill some light meats like chicken or even seafood and complement them with fresh and zesty salads. A lime and chilli salad is a perfect complement to white meats.

Mix the Drinks Up

As well as changing the food options depending on the season, you can also mix the drinks up like a pro bartender, providing variety that will make your parties the talk of the town.

A perfect winter drink is mulled wine, complete with spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and star anise. 

Then in summer, opt for lighter cocktails or low carb beers – so your guests don’t feel bloated and tired after a few drinks. 

Create Seasonal Themed Events

Finally, the last tip is to consider hosting an event each season – and asking your guests to dress in themes or bring food and drink to match the theme. So a springtime party might include fancy hats, seasonal produce and fresh flower garlands. An autumn event may include muted tones, likes browns and dark greens – with food and drink to match.


By following the above advice, you can host successful outdoor events all year long. Have a heating source in winter and a source of shade in summer. Tailor your menu and drink options to the season. And you may consider throwing seasonal events with matching themes. Follow these tips, and your guests will look forward to your events all year round. 



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