How SEO Reseller Services Can Help Your Business Grow Sustainably

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 Taking advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) is now a necessity if you want to grow your business. Now that we’re experiencing an economic downturn that the pandemic has caused, it’s important to find ways to adapt and ride on the digital boom that’s happening right now. But getting started with digital marketing can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t have any experience in running a successful campaign.

A business would hire its own team to optimize websites to get more traffic. However, more and more digital marketing agencies are opting to partner with companies that offer SEO reseller services (also known as white label services) as it is more cost-effective and can lead to better results. 

In this article, you’ll learn how these solutions can help your business grow.


What Is White Label SEO?

Known by many in the industry as SEO reseller services, white label SEO is a partnership between two businesses (in this case a digital marketing agency and an SEO provider) who agree to be equally responsible for marketing and selling an SEO product. 

For example, an agency that specializes in pay-per-click (PPC) has a client who wants to try incorporating SEO into their marketing campaign. Since they don’t have much experience in this field and want to retain the client, you agree with the request but you partner with an established white label SEO agency without learning how to do it yourself.

So, both companies are engaged in a mutually beneficial relationship. The white label SEO agency makes sure that the digital marketing agency doesn’t lose its customers or suffer from bad public relations (PR). Also, one company utilizes its wide reach and brand recognition to sell SEO services, while the other uses its expertise to provide results for the client.

 Part of the common agreements made by companies who participate in this practice provides that the agency offering white label SEO reseller services creates reports without their branding. This allows the marketing company to repackage the report and make it appear that they made the said reports.

Benefits of White Label SEO

Now that you have some background about white label SEO, you may be asking why is it important for your business? Here are some of the benefits that SEO reselling can bring to the table.

More Clients

When you engage in white label SEO, you’ll benefit from it whichever types of clients you have. The most obvious upside is the marked increase in clients availing of your services. It is also convenient for your clients since they’ll only have to coordinate with one company instead of two to avail of digital marketing and SEO services. 

 However, you should have a strict screening process when you pick the SEO agency that you want to partner with. In an industry filled with promises that are too good to be true, doing this will allow you to reap guaranteed search engine optimization benefits.

Guaranteed Results

SEO reselling has made the prices of the services offered by SEO professionals a lot more competitive. Since they’re not spending much to promote their services, most SEO resellers can have a lot of time to focus on finding ways to deliver the best outcome for their clients.

Quick Turnaround Time

Having two companies coordinating on a single project will naturally generate faster results. While you deal with reaching out to your clients, your SEO reseller and consultants find the best strategies or improve existing tactics to boost your campaigns. Your clients’ websites will be more visible online in no time, giving them more opportunities to generate more leads.

Services an SEO Reseller Should Have

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An effective white label SEO campaign needs to have these elements to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Content Creation: The adage “Content is King” is still true when it comes to ranking websites. According to an article by Tabtimize, the ideal word count of articles that would rank on Google’s first page is more than 1000 words. However, if a website has a lot of pages that need to be optimized, it can be daunting to write long-form articles on your own. An SEO agency can help you craft a scalable framework to create this type of content for future landing pages.
  • Link Building: Having a lot of backlinks is a crucial element for any SEO campaign. But there’s a delicate balancing act that needs to be done whenever you’re putting links on your content, not to mention that you need to find authoritative websites for linking. 
  • On-Page SEO: This process involves optimizing almost all of the elements on a site to improve its visibility on the search engines. It allows web robots to crawl and interpret the site’s content a lot easier, increasing its authority and ranking. 
  • Guest Posting: Typically, an SEO reseller includes a guest posting service in their package. They find websites that cover topics related to your clients’ businesses and publish content on them. This helps a lot in improving your clients’ rankings. So, if you want to partner with an SEO agency, you should check if they have extensive connections with reputable websites. You can visit to get useful ideas in your search.
  • Local SEO: You can drive relevant traffic to a website and increase its rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs) by using local SEO. This process allows you to optimize for a smaller, highly motivated audience of your target market. It is also a very effective way to seek users in your area who are very likely to avail of your services or products.
  • Onsite Keyword Optimization: Optimizing for keywords depends on a lot of factors to be successful. Keyword density, competition, and intent should play a big role in choosing the right keywords for a website. Knowing how to research keywords that will drive growth and make your goals easier to achieve is important in a successful SEO strategy.


SEO is very important if you want your digital marketing strategies to succeed. Availing of SEO reseller services is one of the best decisions that you can make for your business since it gets you closer to achieving sustainable growth for you and your clients.

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