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When you buy an expensive machine, you want to ensure that it is protected properly and can damage accidental drops, bumps, and scratches. 

Whether you have a top-of-the-line machine, gaming PC, or budget machine, it can render your laptop useless if any liquid comes into contact. No matter what type of laptop to have, we have a guide for you to breakdown the best laptop cases. 

Ready to learn more? From the ultra-slim to the ultra-protective, sleeves, and everything in between, we have got you covered. Keep on reading to learn more about the best laptop cases across all types of machines. 

The Most Common Types of Laptop Cases 

Before you buy, it’s important to decide what type of laptop case you want to protect your machine. The most common types are hard-shells, sleeves, and skins. 

Hard-Shell Cases 

As the name suggests, hard-shell cases keep your laptop secure by putting sturdy plastic around the top and bottom pieces. This way, if you drop your laptop, the impact goes to the case instead of your device. 

Hard-shells are also great if you store your laptop in a bag with other items, like keys, that could scratch the surface. Some hard-shell cases also help with spill protection and can save your laptop from liquid damage


Laptop sleeves are some of the most popular options for cases. They allow you to safely transport your machine without having to sacrifice its build quality. 

Though sleeves are mostly soft and may not help much with drop protection, many sleeves help against scratches. Additionally, some sleeves are bulky enough to help against nicks and thuds. 

Sleeves are great if you want to use your laptop as is but still want some protection. Sleeves are also great if you want to transport your machine but don’t want to carry a large bag. 

Additionally, sleeves are also great for avoiding spills, as some come in a moisture-wicking, waterproof material. 


Laptop skins have risen in popularity due to their fun colors and personalization options. Though they offer the least protection of all three options, they do help keep your laptop light with no extra bulk but assist with protecting against scratches and nicks. 

Now that we have covered the most popular cases let’s dive into the best of the best for each specific type. 

Best Budget Hard-Shell Case: HDE Clear Plastic Case for Macbook Pro and Air 

If you are a Mac user and want a slim, reliable, clear hard-shell case, then the HDE Clear Plastic Case is a sure winner for you. This case is easily one of the best laptop cases for Macbook Pro. 

From the excellent reviews and low price (it starts at $12), this case is not only budget-friendly but allows you to have protection while still showing off your beautiful machine. 

With case options from the 11 inch Macbook Air to the latest models, HDE offers a wide range of various machine options. Additionally, this case offers drop protection without extra bulk. 

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive but effective hard-shell case, the HDE Clear Plastic Case may be the one for you. 

Best Rugged Case: The Nacuwa Sleeve

The Nacuwa Sleeve is an excellent choice if you want a hybrid between a traditional laptop sleeve and a rugged case. It is also an excellent option for the best protective laptop case. 

Not only does it fit a wide variety of machines, from Windows devices to Apple and even Chromebooks, but it also provides excellent drop protection

Additionally, the Nacuwa Sleeve is also waterproof and shockproof, so you can have peace of mind that no matter what accidents happen, your laptop is protected. 

The sleeve is made out of a rubber-like material, allowing it to offer solid protection without extra bulk. Though it may be slightly heavier than carrying your laptop on its own, the sleeve doesn’t make it unbearably heavy. 

If you want a rugged case that offers hefty protection, then the Nacuwa Sleeve is a great choice for your daily use. 

Best Case for Storage: The SUPGEAR Laptop Sleeve Case

If you have many devices that play a role in your workflow, then you don’t want to carry a bunch of stuff at once. 

This is where the SUPGEAR laptop sleeve comes in. Similar to the Nacuwa Sleeve, the SUPGEAR case offers a rugged look and protection, but also with four storage compartments that can fit a tablet, mice, keyboards, and other peripherals you may need on an on-the-go workday. 

Additionally, the SUPGEAR laptop sleeve offers a rubberized top layer, providing shock protection in the case of a drop. Additionally, if you don’t want to go with a neutral color, they have various options to best suit your personality. 

The SUPGEAR sleeve is also waterproof, which means that you don’t have to worry about accidental spills hurting your machine. 

Whether you have a Macbook, Windows machine, or Chromebook, this laptop sleeve comes in various sizes so you can take any machine on the go. 

Best for Portability: ProCase Laptop Sleeve 

Do you want a portable laptop sleeve? Then look no further than the ProCase laptop sleeve. 

This laptop sleeve is a soft, sleek carrying case that offers a handle at the top like a traditional briefcase. This allows you to carry your laptop comfortably, no matter where you are going. 

In addition to being super portable, the sleeve fabric is waterproof and moisture-wicking, allowing you not to worry about spills or liquid seeping into the case. 

Additionally, this sleeve comes in many different sizes for various laptop models. So, whether you are shopping for a Macbook or looking at deals from Lenovo, you can find a case that works with your machine. 

Also, if you love to have color options, the ProCase laptop sleeve comes in various colors. From neutrals to bright pink, there is truly a case for anybody. 

Best Heavy-Duty Protection: Pelican Laptop Case

If you want to have the best of the best when it comes to protection and do not want to skimp, then the Pelican laptop case is an excellent choice for heavy-duty protection. 

As the best shockproof laptop case, the Pelican case comes in a variety of options. From the more portable 1085 case to the mega-brief case size 1490. These cases offer foam inserts to ensure shock proofing and are water-resistant, protecting against liquid damage. 

Moreover, the Pelican laptop cases are great for those who use their laptop in more severe settings, such as the outdoors or while doing intense work, such as working with machinery, repairing cars, or more. 

The Pelican case also comes in various laptop models and goes by size, so depending on your machine, you can find the best laptop case for you. 

All in all, if you want a case that can truly hold up and is watertight, drop-proof, and rugged, then the Pelican laptop case is your go-to for heavy-duty, serious protection. 

Best Lightweight Protection: DBrand Skin 

If you watch any YouTube videos, then you know that dbrand is the most popular laptop skin on the market. And, for a good reason. 

Though their laptop skins will not protect from liquid or drops, if you use your laptop in one place or want to prevent scratches, then dbrand may be a great option for you. 

Their skins help prevent nicks and scratches from hurting your laptop while also keeping a super slim profile. Their skins also come in various patterns, and you can mix and match to your personal style to find a skin that best suits you. 

Additionally, dbrand’s skins are easy to apply and won’t damage your computer’s surface. They are also thicker than the usual laptop skin and do not rip easily. That way, you don’t have to worry about your skin wearing away with time. 

If you want lightweight scratch protection for your laptop, then a dbrand skin is an excellent way to ensure you have the surface protected without adding any extra bulk. 

The Best Laptop Cases for Various Needs, Models, and More

Whether you want a slim case to protect while looking stylish or want a heavy-duty case that can withstand weather and heavy machinery, these are the best laptop cases for you to check out. 

No matter what model you have, these are cases that work with various laptops to provide the best protection possible while also looking great. 

Whether you use your laptop on the go or just at home, these cases, sleeves, and skins will do an excellent job of keeping your laptop safe. 

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