How to Balance your GRE Test Prep with Work?

The Graduate Record Examination (or GRE) is a standardized test that aims to assess reasoning and analytical skills in writing, reading, and mathematics. This test offers universities an estimate of how qualified a student is to conduct difficult problem-solving situations and the kind of analytical thinking that is required by the school. This is required for admission of most graduate school programs, which is why you should get a GRE tutor here to ensure you do your best on the test. When looking for a GRE prep book, ExamGenius provides a list of the best GRE prep materials to help you find the one that’s best for you. They provide comprehensive comparison and reviews to make sure you only choose the perfect prep materials for your GRE Test

GRE General Questions

Verbal Reasoning – this will test your ability to measure and draw conclusions from incomplete data, test your ability to understand multiple levels of meaning (figurative, literal, etc.), and emphasize complex verbal reasoning

Quantitative Ability – this will measure your ability to understand and interpret quantitative information by solving math through the use of equations, models, and by applying basic concepts of algebra, arithmetic, geometry and data analysis

Analytical Writing – this will measure your analytical and critical writing skills and includes the ability to understand and support complex ideas

Who Takes the GRE?

Prospective graduate students all over the world and those who are interested in pursuing a graduate studies degree.

Preparing To Take The GRE While Working Full-Time

Now, this is not an easy task as both require your full attention. Do you worry about how to balance working while prepping for your upcoming GRE test? Here are a few tips that may help you balance both your work and your GRE test prep:

Register Early

This is very important. Get the GRE schedule that will give you ample time to review. If you are working full time you may need to get a schedule that will not get in the way with your work. Registering early will give you options on which date is best for you to take the GRE test.

Utilize Your Time

Online materials for GRE test prep are available. You could even download reviews on your phone. Utilize your idle time as your study time and make time for your studies. Make sure that you give yourself ample time to review for your GRE by planning out time each day to study or try using a GRE tutor to help you make the most of you time. The important thing is that you make time and schedule out your studies as well as your work.

Cut Unnecessary Activities From Your Daily Routine

The fact that we only have 24 hours a day means that we need to get rid of some of the minor activities to make time for your GRE preparation. You may need to put some activities and tasks temporarily on hold, but make sure you prioritize. Make sure you are still getting enough sleep and live a healthy lifestyle even with your new schedule. While you are working on your GRE test prep, you may cut eating out or going out with friends on weekdays and weekends. Tell them that you are preparing for a test and that these sacrifices are necessary and temporary, but that it’ll all be worth it.

Be Efficient

Strategy is the key. Get yourself familiar with options and materials that are available and then come up with your own study schedule. This study schedule will be based on your work schedule and your lifestyle. Balancing your demanding job and study is not an easy thing to do but being smart enough to know your priorities and being prepared enough can go a long way to really help you. It’s not how much time you have, it’s what you do with your time that matters.


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