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Nourish by BeliBea Nursing Bra.


With Mother’s Day approaching in less than a month, you may still be wondering what you’ll gift the mom’s in your life. What expectant or nursing mother wouldn’t enjoy an amazing nursing bra that will help her comfortably breastfeed, as well as pump.

BeliBea has the perfect nursing bra for just this.  Nourish by BeliBea is a nursing bra that provides mothers with ease and flexibility when breastfeeding, whether the baby is latched on or the mother is pumping.

Nourish by BeliBea features dual panels in each cup allowing mothers to keep the bra in place while breastfeeding, pumping, and during those few moments in between.  Each panel has it’s own clasp on the strap, so there are two clasps per strap.  Both panels cover the entire breast with the exception of the inner panel having a hole right over the nipple, which is used to hold a breast shield in place for hands-free pumping.


If mom is breastfeeding, she will unhook both panels exposing her entire breast, or if she is pumping, she will simply unhook the outer panel and leave the inner panel attached.  This will expose the inner panel which holds a pumps breast shield in place.  My absolute favorite feature of the Nourish by BeliBea is the inner panel for hands-free pumping.

When pumping, holding in place the breast shields and everything attached to them can quickly become tiring.  So having the ability to sit back and relax while pumping is a major perk.  Or if you’re busy like I am it allows the ability to multitask and get some work done on the computer while pumping at the same time.  Plus, a mother can either pump from both breasts at the same time, or just pump from one while the baby is latched to the other.

This will save mom a bunch of time if she knows her baby usually only feeds from one breast during each feeding.


Aside from actually nursing, any mother is still a beautiful woman and wants to feel that way.  This includes being comfortable and most importantly feeling feminine.  It’s oftentimes difficult for a mother to put effort into the way she looks, especially during those first few weeks after giving birth.  I know this first hand.  So why not give her something that will help her feel comfortable and feminine at the same, with no effort whatsoever?

To ensure all day comfort, BeliBea bras provide a seamless stretch fit, plush-lined adjustable straps, and a ribbed band to provide flexible support.  Nourish by BeliBea has a v-neck cut and center ruching to maintain a feminine shape – no sports bra “uni-boob” here!  The bra also comes with removable pads between the cup panels that offer extra support, as well as comfort and shape.  It’s amazing what the right bra can do for a nursing mother!

If you have an expectant or nursing mother that you’re buying for this Mother’s Day, I highly recommend Nourish by BeliBea.  Yes, it’s not your ordinary Mother’s Day gift, but what better way to celebrate a mother than by helping her comfortably provide for her baby?  I guarantee any expectant or nursing mother would enjoy something like the Nourish by BeliBea.

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