New Sprouts® Waffle Time and New Sprouts® Stir Fry Set

All I can say about these two sets from New Sprouts®  is WOW.  I wish they had nice sets such as these when my kids were little.  But now my granddaughter will enjoy them, so it will still be fun to watch her enjoy them.  The Waffle Time and Stir Fry Set from New Sprouts are two wonderful sets for little ones to pretend to cook while Mommy or Daddy are cooking too.

waffle set

Product Description

Rise and shine – it’s waffle time! Little ones can cook and serve homemade waffles with this gourmet breakfast set. Waffle iron lid moves up and down to give children the realistic experience of making their very own waffles. Butter, syrup, and strawberries top off this tasty breakfast treat. Made from durable plastic, and perfectly sized for little hands. This is such a fun set and much more updated than say…just the fruits and cardboard boxed pretend cereals.

This set comes with a:
• Waffle iron
• 4-piece waffle
• 1 syrup bottle
• 2 strawberries
• 2 pads of butter
• 2 plates
• 2 forks

Waffle iron measures 6” D
Grades: Toddler +

New Sprouts wok set

Product Description

Stir fry for small fries! Help your child cook up a healthy selection of vegetables in their very own wok. Fill up the to-go container once the meal is ready. This colorful set builds upon imagination and creativity with a special culinary experience. Perfect for any very young, aspiring chef! Made from durable plastic and sized for small hands. Who would have ever thought of a wok when it comes to a child’s play kitchen set? I think this set is unique as it could broaden a child’s thoughts when it comes to using this pretend set and all of the items that come with it.

This set comes with a:

• Wok
• To-go container
• Tongs
• Spatula
• Peapods
• Carrots
• Broccoli
• Peppers
• Onions
• Celery
• Fortune cookie

Wok measures 7”L
Grades: Toddler +

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