Must-Have Accessories for Avid Cannabis Enthusiasts

Cannabis enjoyers are growing in numbers like never before. Occasional tokers or avid weed enthusiasts want to create a whole experience around cannabis and that calls for extra weed accessories like pipes, stylish bongs, ashtrays, rolling trays, and the list just goes on. Some accessories add just a flair while others elevate the cannabis experience to a whole new level.

Accessories are subjective and usually chosen by individual preference or needs, but, If you are looking to enhance your weed smoking experience, consider the following essential accessories that we compiled for your hazy pleasure.

The Pipe

The pipe is a portable and discrete pick, a classic pick for any weed enjoyer, jam the bowl with weed and smoke away. Even though pipes provide a nice experience, there are a few drawbacks. Pipes are extremely easy to clean after each use but the biggest problem that comes with smoking from a pipe is the heat and the lack of a filter. The distance traveled by the smoke is very short and there is no place to cool it down. That’s why pipe tokes tend to be a bit harsh. Due to the lack of a filter, you can sometimes inhale ash. 

However, if your air sacks are okay with a bit of harsh smoke, then pipes are perfect for you, as the portability they bring to the table enables you to take a drag anywhere you want.

The Bong

This bubbly piece of equipment provides cool smoke and a great high. Gaining popularity for its endless design possibilities, creative minds and esthetics lovers regard the bong as the quintessential weed gear/accessory. If you are looking for a cool design, check out the hexagon bong and let the bubbles wash away the harsh heat-related troubles. 

The water filtration system is the most important part of the bong, however, that doesn’t mean there are no negatives. There is only one big drawback to using a bong – bongs aren’t that versatile when it comes to transport. You might want to consider bong cases if you enjoy the experience delivered by bongs.

Stash Boxes

Plastic bags ruin the taste and smell of weed if used as a storage solution for a long period. The precious trichomes stick to the plastic bags due to the static charge resulting in a subpar weed experience. Some people resort to jar mason storage but the real solution to all of the storage problems is stash boxes. Stash boxes are amazing for weed enjoyers that want to preserve a certain strain for a longer period or for those that don’t want to see dips in THC quality due to damaged trichomes

The Grinder and Lighter

Some people don’t want chunky weed in their bongs or pipes and smoking a joint without finely ground weed that enables airflow is almost impossible. Be sure to add a grinder to your accessory arsenal so that quality weed is not wasted. 

When we think of cool lighters, zippo lighters always pop up in our minds. But for some, the lighter fluid causes a specific taste upon lighting up a joint. Nowadays, the perfect lighters are powered by electricity. They are also windproof to their fireless design as electric arc creates the heat. These lighters are great since they are charged through their USB ports and they can last for weeks, but just to be sure, carry a full-size classic lighter.

Rolling Tray and Ashtray


When you are dealing with a fresh herb, you need to be careful of where you roll it up. Millions of instances occurred when tiny pieces of crumbled buds were left stuck in tiny cracks of tables. Rolling trays counter this effect and are easy to carry around which allows for mobility and enables you to keep all your weed rolling-related items in one place while keeping your rolling areas spotless.

Now that everything is rolled up, you need something for the ash. Of course, ashtrays make the weed-smoking experience more hygienic, but ashtrays can also play an aesthetic role. Using a cup filled with water for an ashtray doesn’t add to your enjoyment, look for ashtrays that are professionally designed to enhance your enjoyment. You can even add a personal touch to the ashtray by etching something meaningful.


If you are passionate about weed and strains in general you might want to procure a cannabis humidor. Humidors that can store up to four strains are available around the internet. These humidor boxes regulate the humidity inside and keep your buds fresh and perfect for the perfect smoke.

Final Thoughts

Each toke should be accompanied by accessories that will enhance your weed experience. Go over our list and see what accessories will provide the most value for you and enjoy the cannabis flowers your way.



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