Mortgage affordability, is it possible?

For the last few months me and my husband have been seeking to find another home. It appears we are growing out of our old home pretty fast. We¬† thought about moving for the past 4 years but wasn’t sure if it was a good time to do so with the way the housing market had plunged.

Its so much to take in consideration when your seeking to secure a home. Is the time right for buying or selling, analyzing your income to determine what you can afford to pay, how much debt is owed out already, current mortgage rates, is the mortgage interest worth it, making sure mortgage payments are within your budget for long-term home ownership.

We have been keeping a close eye on the housing market along with our broker . We noticed that interest rates are at a all time low. This is a very good thing for us and anyone else who is seeking to buy that family home.

The most important thing we found was many of the great mortgage plans that fits our lifestyle and budget. There were so many available mortgage plans to us per our conversation with our broker. He spoke about personal financial tools like budget calculator, Check out the Halifax Mortgage calculator for more information. Budget calculator will help to determine your monthly mortgage payment.

One things for sure, we want to be confident that our mortgage payments are within our budget for long-term home ownership. This will be the last time we will be moving, my husband and myself are getting older and this new home will become our retirement home so we must take everything into factor.

We don’t want any surprises lurking down the line. When I ask is Mortgage Affordability possible?

Yes, without a doubt! When you sit down and take everything into consideration I’m sure in today’s housing market you can purchase your Dream Home.





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