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New Floors, New You: The Top Signs You Need New Kitchen Floors

Is it time to replace your kitchen floors? How can you tell? Check out this guide to learn the top signs you need new kitchen floors.

Even if you’re not planning on doing a full kitchen remodel any time soon, it might be time to replace your kitchen floors. Do you know if it’s time to replace yours? There are several signs to look for that’ll give you your answer.

Are you ready to learn if it’s time to replace your kitchen’s floors? Continue reading below for 4 top signs that your kitchen is begging you for new floors!

  1. The Style Is Outdated

If you’re no longer a fan of the style of flooring, then it’s the right time for a change! You don’t have to remodel the entire kitchen to give it new life.

Simply replacing the old flooring with new flooring is a great way to add value and aesthetics to your kitchen. Don’t be stuck with the 90s choice of kitchen floors.

  1. You’re Planning on Selling

If you’re planning on selling your home and haven’t invested much money into the kitchen or replaced the kitchen floors since buying the house, then it might be time to do so. The kitchen is one of a home’s biggest selling points. Sure, you might not want to put money into a house that you won’t be living in, but the investment will be worth it.

Try giving your kitchen a unique look to really sell it to potential buyers. Using hardwood flooring from Patriot Hardwood Flooring is one way to make your home’s kitchen stand out from the competition. When buyers expect to find boring tile, they’re pleasantly surprised with beautiful hardwood floors.

  1. There’s Visible Damage

If there are any signs of visible damage to the floors, then you’ll need to replace them as soon as possible. Not only do visible damages look bad, but they’re also potentially hazardous. Look for signs of hardwood that’s either missing or beginning to rot, vinyl that’s beginning to peel, water damage, chips and cracks, and more.

These are all potential hazards to small children and pets.

Although it might be fixable, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of fixing it. In some cases, it’s better to replace the flooring rather than try to make repairs.

  1. The Floor’s Creaking

If your floors are creaking, then this might be a sign that your subflooring needs replacing. To replace the subflooring, you’ll need to remove your kitchen floors completely. If this is the case, then this is a time when you have no choice but to replace your kitchen floor.

Take it as an opportunity to do some upgrades and install flooring that’s more stylish or up to date.

Do Your Kitchen Floors Need Replacing?

Is it time to replace your old kitchen floors? If your floors suffer from any of these factors listed above or if you’re planning to sell, then it’s time to make the replacement! Doing so will increase your home’s value and add to the aesthetics.

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