More Than An Ice Cream Cup.

You might think that frozen yogurt cups are only used for the delicious treat. While they are used in ice cream shops and at special events to contain yogurt and ice cream, there are a few other ways that you can use the small cups at parties and celebrations. Companies like Gelato Products have a large selection of colors and designs when you need the cups.

If you are having a party for any age, then these cups are ideal to use as they are usually the size of one serving. You can place the various kinds of yogurt or ice cream on a table so that guests can get the kind they want, or you can put a different kind in each cup to make it easier for keeping the area clean.

Another idea is to create a brownie sundae. A small brownie is placed at the bottom of the cup with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt on top. You can put toppings in each of the cups so that everyone can design their sundae in any way they like. Try to find a cup with a color or pattern that matches the rest of the decorations that you have at the event. You can also wrap the cups with a small piece of paper if you can’t find the exact design you want.

You can set up an ice cream shop in your home as a fun party for children. This could be for a birthday or as a celebration of getting out of school for the summer. Use the cups as containers for the items that are served with a pitcher of soda on the table as well. Add a small amount of soda to each cup to create a float. If you want to get creative with the cups instead of using them for ice cream or yogurt, consider making animals that can be used for centerpieces or decorations. One idea is a turkey. You would stack two cups together, paint them brown, and glue colored feathers on the back. The same thing can be done with a snowman or Easter Bunny, but the colors and design would be different.


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