Mood-Boosting Power of Pets

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If you own a cat or a dog, you’re already aware of the mood-boosting power of pets. When you’re at your worst, you just look at your beloved pet and you can’t help but smile. Sometimes you feel so much love for that ball of fur that it makes you wanna cry tears of joy.

But if you still don’t own a pet, you might be wondering if getting one is the right decision to make. It’s a lot of responsibility; that’s true. But a pet will also make you a happier person.

That sounds like a bold claim? It does, but we have proof to support it.

How a Pet Will Put You in Good Mood

  • Interaction with Animals Boost Your Oxytocin Levels

Oxytocin is the so-called love hormone. It plays an important role in relationships, the period after childbirth, and in social bonding. Certain situations boost your system to produce more oxytocin. When you interact with your pet, that’s exactly what happens.

Researchers found that through animal contact, the levels of psychological stress, anxiety and stress drop down. The levels of oxytocin, on the other hand, are boosted. This hormone helps you create a strong bond with your pet, and it definitely makes you happier.

  • The Pet Teaches You of Truly Important Things

Try to imagine a really hard day. You’ve been to college classes and you studied a lot. You have to deal with that paper that’s been giving you headaches. You feel like life makes no sense if you’re doing all this work and you’re seeing zero results.

But then you think of your dog. She’s right there, staring at you with those eyes full of trust, love, and support. You think: “This is what really matters. This is what makes sense in life. Love. Caring for others. Making others happy.” So you find ways to present an assignment and take your dog on a long evening walk. That’s what truly matters.

  • The Pet Makes You Smile

Cats are particularly good at this.

The cat just sits there in the corner doing nothing. You look at it and you burst into laughter. These weird creatures, with their weird positions and judgmental looks have the power to make you smile no matter how you feel.

Any other pet is good at this, really. Just try looking at cute pet photos on the web. You’re smiling already, aren’t you? Now imagine having that in your home, every day.

  • The Pet Imposes a Routine, Which Is Good for You

You have to feed, clean, and walk the pet on a daily basis. Now you think that you don’t have time for that. But when people get their cat and dogs, they find the time. They make the time. Taking care of a pet teaches them responsibility and imposes a routine. Many people realize that they can do many other things in a day once they get a pet. Once they find this sense of purpose and responsibility, they actively get out of the bubble of laziness.

  • Once You Get a Pet, You’ll Never Feel Alone

Maybe you’re not the social type of person. You like spending time alone and you don’t mind staying at home one weekend after another. But loneliness takes its toll on your psychological health. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t need company.

The pet will make you company. Cats and dogs are pretty intuitive. Sure; they will bug you when you need to work or want to focus on a book. But they will also sense when you’re unhappy and they will comfort you. They will kiss you and snuggle with you until you start feeling loved!

Pets are great listeners, too! You can tell them about your troubles and they will never gossip on you.

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Will You Get a Cat or a Dog?

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Both, maybe? That would be perfect!

We’re talking about cats and dogs because they are active as pets. A fish can be a pet, too. But it won’t get you out of your comfort zone. Cats and dogs impose rules in the household, but they also make everybody happier.

If you were thinking about getting a pet, you should do it.

It’s even better to get it from a shelter. You’ll get the same level of love, but you’ll find an even greater sense of purpose. When you become a rescuer, you’ll understand what real happiness is.


Frank Thompson never liked dogs. He was a cat person… until he met Yoda at a shelter and they fell in love with each other. Now, Yoda is his fateful companion while he travels the world as a travel blogger and freelance writer.


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