Why do mice chew wires

Mice can be annoying and hazardous. They eat your food, chew your clothes, and even chew on wires. They poop in your house, and they leave a foul smell. When they invade your home, it does not take long to procreate. Stopping the problem before then is crucial.

There are several reasons why mice chewing on your wires. We are going to help you figure out these reasons. Not only will we help you figure out why they chew on wires, but we will also let you know how to get rid of mice.

Why do they chew on wires?

It is certainly not because the wires are tasty, or because the wires will fill up the mouse’s belly.

Just like people need to eat foods that will help them exercise their teeth, the same applies to mice. Mice do not feed on the wire. They chew on them.

One of the reasons is so that they can sharpen their teeth. Mice need to keep their teeth sharp to survive.

According to research, mice teeth grow at a fast rate. The primary reason the chew on wires is that the top of the wires have a hard surface that files their teeth down. It keeps their teeth from growing too long to manage.

If this is happening in your house, what can you do about it?

What can you do if you find mice living in your walls?

First of all, you have to look out for signs of mice living in your walls. The most evident sign is their feces. Mice digest their food quickly, and this leads to them excreting frequently.

Mice make a lot of movements, and they can hardly be discreet if they are in your house. They will be scratching on your walls and ceiling.

Another evident sign is the mouse nest. The mouse nest has a high likelihood of harboring little mouselings.

Set a trap for the mice

There are many different kinds of traps that you can use to trap the mice. You want to purchase a trap that will instantly kill the mice or one that will trap that mouse, and you can find it there later. Both are available. Get the one that suits you.

Pick your bait carefully

The first thing is to figure out where the mice are living in your house. You need to lure the mouse out of where they are living, so they can see your trap.

After that, you should pick the bait you want to use. You want to avoid using bait that mice can abscond with. A good choice is peanut butter. It lures them in with its sweet peanut-y aroma and they cannot pick it off the trap and run. Snap! They’re trapped.

Use pellets as bait

Place the pellets near where the mice have chosen to reside in your home. After they consume the pellets, they will die due to the poison the pellets contain.

There are a few downfalls to using pellets. First and foremost, if you have pets you will want to ensure they do not have access to the pellets, or to the dead mice. Secondary poisoning happens when the pets eat a poisoned mouse.

Also, when the mice hide in the walls and die, they may release a foul odor. This will last while the body is decomposing and can be intolerable to live with.

Block the holes where they pass through

Block the holes that the mice are using as a gate to get into your home. Look out for the places where you can see evidence of the mice residing and close the holes.

Repair any damaged walls and places in between your walls.

Why do mice want to get into your home?

During the cold weather, mice look for places where they can hide and keep warm to avoid freezing to death. If it’s cold outside, the mice will work at finding a warm and safe place where they can take shelter. Unfortunately, that is likely going to be your home.

If a home is untidy and unkempt, it is likely going to attract a lot of mice. However, many of the people who have mice in their homes have clean homes.

That’s because it is not the main reason why mice get into homes. Mice get into your home because of the warm air going through the holes in your wall.

Sometimes, when you or your kids forget to close the door behind you, you may let in a mouse, which may then begin to breed other mice.

When you notice mice chewing wires in your home, it should not come as a surprise, a lot of people have the same problem. Nevertheless, you should seek a solution quickly.

Even if you can handle ‘the mice situation’ on your own, there are times where you can use some help.

By now, you should know how to get rid of the mice chewing wires in your home. Even so, if you need a bit of assistance, you can get it when you call a professional to aid you.



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