5 Great Father-Son Bonding Activities

The time and energy a father puts into a relationship with his son will make a big impact on shaping the person he will become in the future. A good male role model can make all the difference in a growing boy’s life, but they’ve got to really spend time with said role model for the impression to stick.

What Makes an Activity a Bonding One?

Some activities have so naturally lent themselves to father-son bonding over the years. The quality time they allow between the big man and little man allows for sharing stories, advice, or just a bunch of good laughs. Some activities also lean towards a shared interest or hobby that the pair can partake in together. Another fantastic way to promote father-son bonding is through working with the hands to create or fix something. Seeing a physical manifestation of the time spent together serves as a great reminder and a motivation for more bonding time in the future.

We’ve thought long and hard, and we’ve come up with 5 of the best father-son bonding activities out there. These activities will help to strengthen the paternal bond between father and son and create special moments just between the two of you.

The Best Father-Son Bonding Activities

        1. Camping

Camping creates a scenario where father and son get lots of free time spent together that is low pressure and allows for a myriad of other leisurely activities. Invest in some camping gear so that whenever the mood strikes, you can take your son camping and show him the joys of starting a fire, using a pocket knife, hiking, and sleeping under the stars.

       2. Fishing

While fishing might seem cliché to some, it is one of the most tried and true father-son activities in the book. The stillness of the water lends itself easily to quality conversations that might otherwise not come up. Plus, you’ll get to share in the joy of reeling in a big one and celebrating your catch together! For great fishing tips and techniques, go to ClearSkyFishing site.

To guarantee a catch, bring a fish finder along with you. (Hint: Check VFM for reviews and ratings to find the best one!) You’ll both enjoy the process and the reward that fishing brings. Take a look at this popular MyFishingTools website. 


3. Sporting Events

If you and your son are both sports fans, what better way to bond than over your favorite team at one of their games? It’s easy to turn a sporting event into a whole day of bonding. Embrace superfandom by dressing up in ridiculous team outfits, or just sit back and enjoy each other’s company while enjoying some hot dogs and watching the game. If the day goes well, consider purchasing season tickets for the two of you. Having a regular father-son bonding activity to look forward to consistently will turn into a real memory-maker.

     4. Build Something

Starting from scratch and working to build something from the ground up is fulfilling in so many ways. It teaches patience, strategy, determination, and teamwork if you do it with someone else. By building something together with your son, you’ll be giving him lessons in all the above while still getting that quality togetherness every growing boy needs. It doesn’t have to be something large and challenging. Start with something small like a wooden car, or work your way up to something more serious like a swing set. Creating something with function will make the time feel purposeful for both of you, and the time spent talking and working with your hands will be a stress reliever on its own.

5. Fix Something

If creating something from scratch isn’t up your alley, try fixing something that is broken. In the movies, it always seems that you see father and son working on a broken car together. If that’s your thing, great! If not, I’m sure there are a few things in your house that could use a fix-up. Showing your son how to stop that leaky faucet or fix a clogged drain are lessons he will take with him through his life. They will leave you both with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. You’ll also feel closer after overcoming small problems together and bonding all the while.


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  • July 5, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    These are awesome father son activities! We have two girls and one boy so it is always nice when daddy can take him and have some one on one time. 🙂


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