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How to make your university experience easier

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University life

University life is shown in movies as the one with unlimited parties and no studying but it is not true. University life can be pretty stressful and if you do not manage your time well then you might end up with bad grades and no sleep. This is why you need to be careful about where you spend most of your time. Everyone knows that life is difficult due to the fact that the students have to manage everything themselves, from their food to laundry which can leave you exhausted. There are things that you can do to make your experience easier and we will explain how that can work out. So here is a guide on how to make your university experience easier.

Studies and assignments

The most crucial part of your university experience is obviously the academics. This can take up to two-thirds of your university time and is also the most stressful one. To do academics right the best thing to do is to make sure to attend all classes as that will make studying at home way easier and convenient. The second part of academics is the assignments you have to do, it is always smart to do these in time and not leave them for the last moment as that will cause panic and you might end up getting a low score as a result. If you somehow do not find the time to do your assignments, you can always hire a service like “do my homework for me” to do your homework for you which will help you focus on other things while your homework is done for you by someone else. The plus point is that these kinds of services usually charge a low fee.

Food and chores

Food and chores are an important part of your university experience as you want that everything at home is equally taken care of as your academics. To start with food, the best way is to do food prep which is basically preparing your entire week’s lunch and dinner on the weekend before. You can simply do groceries and cook on the Sunday and store it in small containers with the right sized portions so that during the week you can simply heat it up and eat it. Chores on the other hand need to also be taken care of on the weekends. Big chores like cleaning up the house specially should be done on the weekend but small chores like doing the dishes should be done on the go and not left for long. Another one of these chores is doing the laundry; this should be done on a weekly or every two weeks because any later than that will result in your running out of clean clothes to wear. You can simply store the dirty laundry in a laundry basket and just wash them on a weekend whenever you seem to run out of clothes.



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  • Very interesting post, thanks for sharing! I never had this experience.

  • Those are some great tips for making university life easier. I remember how stressful the transition was for my kids.

  • Great article. I work at a University and see kids need tips like this.


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