Make The Most Of Your Short Break

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  1. Do Some Research 

It is usually wonderful to go with the flow when you are on a short break. However, it is very expensive to go with the flow. Doing some research beforehand can save you lots of money. Visit

For instance, you can use either a guidebook or the internet to create a list of restaurants, parks, shopping areas, and museums you will visit. Make the list before taking your short break. Also, do some research on how you will get to these locations from your accommodation. 

Doing some can even save you time. You can walk, hop-on-hop-off buses, use bike hire (some hotels offer them for free) or use public transport to save even more money. It costs more money to use taxis.

2.Buy a City Pass

Some city passes cover public transport for a certain period. Some cover entrance to several attractions, including museums. Several places offer city passes because they are a great deal for visitors. 

However, before you buy a city pass, check what is included in the city pass. You already know the things you plan to do, so match your city pass with them to ensure you will save some money. 

You will find several passes for the city, so research them all. For example, there is Paris Visit in Paris. It is a one-day pass and costs €13.20 (£11.60). It offers free public transport. And you can use it to get discounts on several attractions in the city. 

The Paris Passlib’, a two-day pass, is much better. However, it is the most expensive costing €109. It offers a free river cruise, a free city bus tour, a free city center transport, and a free entry to 50 or more museums 

  1. Look for Freebies

It is free to do several things in almost every city

Check out the local tourist boards. It usually lists several free walking tours. Simple research reveals free entry to Picasso Museum in Barcelona on Thursdays from 6 pm to 9:30 pm and on the first Sunday of every month, free admission to The Museum of Modern Art between 4 pm and 8 pm every Friday in New York and the Berlin walk. 

You can also explore the architecture, riversides, and parks on self-guided walking tours. You will find several bars and cafes with very cheap refreshments. You can find several walking routes on the internet. 

Search for the best hotel offering free bike rental. It is much cheaper to ride a bike in the city. Use the bike to explore the city. 

Joining an audience at TV show recordings is one of the best ways to get free entertainment. You can find several events in New York. You can even meet some celebrities, so you will have something to tell your friends once your trip is over. However, you need to book in advance before your short break because they are very popular. 

  1. Customs Bill

The holiday mood can carry you away, so you may end up buying too much. One of my rules is to buy the things I only need, especially if they are much cheaper. 

It is essential to do some research on your destinations. For instance, you can get tax-free shopping in some cities out of the EU if you spend more than a certain amount. If you spend over 6,000 krona (£42) in one shop in Reykjavik, you can be eligible for a 15% tax refund. However, it is subject to some conditions. You may even end up spending less money on a unique gift. Visit the Reykjavik Tourist Board site to learn more. 

Additionally, some designer clothing outlets offer free transport to the city and from the city, so you can use them to get cheap quality garments. For instance, the best place for getting cheap quality garments is Milan. 

You need to haggle no matter where you are. The worst thing you can get is a no. 

Before you load your purchases, ensure you know the UK import rules. If you are shopping for personal use, you will not have to pay tax or duty on items you are bringing home from one of the EU countries. 

However, VAT applies for the goods that are over £390 if you are coming back from a break outside the EU, such as New York. There are even more restrictions on items like perfume, cigarettes, and alcohol. 

You will never bargain with the authorities, so make sure you do not end up with a customs bill. 

  1. Eat the Main Meal at Lunch

You will save more money on food during your holiday. 

You can eat breakfast at your hotel. Look for free samples in the market to keep your costs down. Search for lunchtime meal deals at local restaurants. They usually target local workers when they are on breaks. 

Look for savings vouchers for tourist restaurants in city newspapers and leaflets. 

If you eat your main meal at lunch, you will spend less money than eating it in the evening. 

I usually buy snacks in the evening. I can even search for bars that offer free nibbles and early-bird drink deals. As the sun goes down, some hotels may offer free snacks.


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