Be Gentle With Yourself During Depression 

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If you’ve never experienced depression, you know that it’s physically and emotionally exhausting. You may think that a person who is depressed isn’t doing anything. The reality is that they are fighting for their life. Nobody wants to feel that way. The person would like to be happy, of course. But it’s crucial to remember that depression is not a choice. When you are depressed, it’s critical to be gentle with yourself. That means being kind to you. Here are some ways that you can be nice to yourself when you’re feeling down.

Take things one tiny step at a time

One of the frustrating things about depression is that things take longer than they would if you were not feeling down. You can accept this as a reality rather than fighting it. It’s as if you have a cold in your mind. When you’re feeling physically ill, you’re not at your best. You are not in peak condition, and it takes longer to do things. You want to shower, but you need to feel well enough to stand up and get to the bathroom. That is what it feels like when a person is depressed. Taking a shower can be highly exhausting for a person who is feeling depressed because their brain is exhausted. Try to be kind to yourself if you were having difficulty with your hygiene. Remind yourself that you are feeling depressed and things will take longer. It might take you an hour to get to the bathroom to take a shower. And that’s okay! You have to do what’s best for you. You know that showering is an essential part of taking care of oneself but take it one step at a time. Break things down into tiny steps so you can get a goal accomplished.

Simple rewards

After you take a shower, reward yourself. Maybe that means watching a show or calling a friend. Since things are exhausting when you’re depressed, it’s essential to reward yourself. That way, you know that you’re doing something to better your life. Try not to worry about how long something is going to take you. Do the best you can, and when you accomplish that goal, do something that you like to do. That could mean eating a treat or having your favorite kind of coffee. You deserve to have simple rewards when you are feeling depressed because things are difficult. It’s okay to embrace that and keep going.

Taking naps

Depression takes a lot out of a person. If you feel tired, it’s all right to take a break. You can take a nap, but make sure that it’s timed. There’s a tendency when you are feeling depressed asleep all day. You don’t want to overdo it, but it’s nice to take a nap because your mind and body need it. You are doing a lot when you’re feeling down. A nap can help your brain rest, and you will wake up feeling like you can take on the next task. Don’t shame yourself because you need to rest. That is a natural human feeling. We need to sleep and eat to function. Your body needs nourishment.

Remember to eat

Sometimes when we are depressed, we forget to eat. It’s crucial to take care of yourself when you feel this way, including eating meals. If it helps you set a timer to remind yourself to eat, it’s okay to do that. If you’re having trouble eating full meals, then eat smaller ones. As long as you’re eating a balanced mixture of foods, including protein and calcium, that is what matters. Make sure that you are not eating a lot of sugar because that can worsen depression. It’s crucial to eat when you’re hungry. Even if that’s just a container of yogurt, for now, it could help you to eat fruits and vegetables when you’re feeling depressed because your body needs nourishment. Eating is an essential part of taking care of oneself, and it’s especially crucial when you’re feeling depressed.

Learn about mental health in therapy

Depression is a treatable condition. You can talk about it with a therapist. Reading about mental health can help you understand yourself and others. The field of psychology is fascinating. You can learn more about it here: Whether you see a person online or in your local area, a mental health professional can support you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for the help you need. 



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