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How to Accept Your Flaws 

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We all have strengths and deficits. Naturally, you want to focus on the things you thrive at because they make you feel good. However, it’s critical to acknowledge when there are issues that you need to work on within yourself. It’s difficult to admit when you’re not good at something. It’s important to remember when you embrace your flaws, you’re doing something productive, and you’re growing as an individual. It doesn’t make you defective because you have weaknesses; it makes you human. It can be difficult when your insecurities overwhelm you. But, ignoring them will not help you evolve. Here is how to accept your flaws and learn from them.


Sometimes we struggle to identify our flaws, but writing about our feelings can be a way to do that. A journal is a safe space where you can process any problems you’re having. You may notice some themes as you write. You gain emotional insight the more that you write down your feelings. There will be days that you don’t know what to say or don’t feel up to journaling. That’s okay, and you don’t have to have a formula for what you’re writing. You’re not there to impress anybody. Your journal is a space for you. You can write down whatever is on your mind. You can have fun selecting what kind of journal you want to write in. You can use a plain notebook or decorate a book that you plan to use as a journal. Some people like to buy leather-bound books to write in. It’s your journal and your rules. The more you write, the more you learn what the flaws you need to work on are. You can talk about these issues in therapy.

Flaws aren’t a bad thing 

Our flaws are there to help us grow. You may be a person who struggles with being punctual. Your flaw is that you don’t have an accurate sense of time. You can’t change your inherent being. However, you can work on this flaw. Perhaps it’s a matter of setting alarms on your phone. Sometimes people who don’t have a sense of time don’t understand how long things take. It can help to set alarms, which can remind you of when you need to do particular tasks. The absence of a sense of time could be damaging your relationships with others. That’s when you need to work on this flaw in therapy. Perhaps you have been late to meet a friend or family member, and it hurt their feelings. You can always talk about these issues with a therapist and work through the flaw so that it gets easier to handle. Your weaknesses are not bad things, they are simply matters you need to work through, and a therapist can help.

What do you do when a flaw frustrates you?

It’s natural to get frustrated with your flaws. Perhaps one of your issues is that you are not good with confrontation. You’re frustrated with this issue. You want to express your feelings when you are hurt or upset but can’t seem to do so. It’s natural to be upset about this, but don’t let that frustration stop you from working through the flaw. You can express these concerns to a therapist and start working on confrontation. That might involve doing role-play exercises with your therapist where you practice confronting the person who upset you. You can get better with confrontation the more you do it. 

Talking about your flaws in therapy 

Talking about your flaws is not easy, but it can be accomplished. You can speak about things that you struggle with in therapy. Online counseling is an excellent place to discuss issues that prevent you from thriving. An online counselor understands that nobody’s perfect. They can help you identify your strengths as well as things you need to work on. They will not judge you and want you to succeed. There are many companies out there offering online therapy. BetterHelp is an excellent option not only for online counseling but as a resource for information about psychology and human behavior. You can get the help that you need when you embrace who you are. Consider talking to an online therapist about issues you’re struggling with in life.




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