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Lifestyle and Blood Pressure!

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Typically when you notice a change in how you are feeling there are warning signs, more often than not there will be something physical letting you know that changes need to be made in the way you are leading your life. However, high blood pressure often occurs without any symptoms and millions of people across the US and UK suffer with high bloody pressure or hypertension. This is not usually diagnosed until we have had a routine check-up with our GP, and we all know how often we have those!

Fortunately there are modifications that we can make to our lifestyles which can help to reduce our blood pressure, without relying on queuing up at the pharmacy. Making changes towards a healthier lifestyle is important to help lower blood pressure, and can be maintained at this lower level. Eating healthy food can help lower your blood pressure, you can always check out bodybuilding meal prep delivery to learn more about eating heathier and lowering your blood pressure!

I’m sure at some point we are all guilty of this but we are too quick to expect a tablet from the doctor without firstly considering what we can do ourselves to make changes. Increasing our awareness and knowledge on the subject of blood pressure is very important as 24% of people across the UK are unaware of the condition. At the moment there is no cure to high blood pressure, but it certainly is manageable and can be done by setting goals, targets and taking action with a health care professional.

Changes to your lifestyle can be made to help support you in lowering your blood pressure quite effectively. Research suggests that a healthy lifestyle that is consistent and continued up to 6 months lowers the need to take medication.  This can include changes such as losing weight, adjusting your diet, lowering salt intake, increasing you’re  exercise  all adding to your lifestyle goals. And don’t forget, when these goals are achieved it certainly makes us feel good, increases self-esteem and gives us the tools to be more confident and cope better with our everyday life.

Motivation With lower blood pressure your motivation to finish tasks no matter how small really does take a hit. You have noticed that the idea of a new task or job feels like a weight on your shoulders then this may be the result of depleted motivation. Experiencing motivation loss or a lack of inspiration at home or at work can be contributed to a number of factors. However, the easiest route to overcoming this is by firstly doing something you want to do, that’s the easy bit!

Find the Cause however, when energy levels are low there is no enthusiasm present and struggling to find motive or reason can cause you to re-route your energy into indulging in something effortless like food or entertainment. This can contribute to making the issue even worse, as you have found something pleasurable to mask the lack of motivation. For example, you want to start a new relationships and register on dating website; for get a new hobby or friends. A key point to recovering motivation is to pinpoint what is causing the underlying lack of motivation.

Keep a Diary When leading a busy life it can be very easy to skip breakfast and/or lunch, then finding yourself in a position where it’s difficult to get much done because of a lack of necessary glucose to help your cognition. Neglecting physical needs can deplete motivation and or blood pressure so it’s crucial to keep track of any neglect so it can be corrected. A top tip to help overcome this is to complete a daily personal record and see if there are any common trends through the day. If there are, recovering your motivation and stabilizing your blood pressure may be as simple as eating breakfast and getting enough water.

You don’t have to be a professional… From this personal record you can discover if motivation depletion is a recent change or one that has been going on for a long time. It can also help to establish if blood pressure is high or low, motivation is lost, or just misplaced! This very personal answer helps to narrow down the list of underlying causes. It can also be suggested that from a professionals’ point of view immediate questions would be asked such as, why do you feel like this, why now, what may help, what has changed? However these are not questions only the trained mind can ask; these are opportunities that you can explore yourself and discover reasons from a personal perspective.



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