Why is Everyone Going All Organic?

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 Americans today are more careful and stricter with everything that goes into their mouth. Everyone is looking to lose weight, maintain the average weight or stay healthy in general. That’s why there is a sudden buzz about organic foods with organic recipes being sold worldwide. For some time now, the organic food industry has been booming, and it’s expected to grow even more significantly in the future. While most Americans will go all organic because they believe it’s healthier and better for the environment, a vast number still don’t know the health benefits of organic foods. Here are some of the benefits of organic foods we thought you should know.

No harmful synthetic pesticides or heavy metals

Hazardous chemicals such as synthetic fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides are widely used in conventional agriculture. Their residues remain on the fruits and vegetables we eat every day. Consumption of these chemicals can cause headaches, digestive dysfunction, congenital disabilities, a weak immune system, and premature death. Organic foods do not contain harmful chemicals and are considered safer for growing children and adults.

More levels of healthier fats

Animal products are essential in providing vitamins and minerals required by the body. Organic products like milk, meat, and eggs contain about 50% of unsaturated omega3 fatty acids. The difference comes in based on how the livestock is raised, such as grass-fed diet and outdoor exposure. Studies also found that switching conventional products to organic further improved consumers’ omega3 intake without adding fat or calories.

More antioxidants

Health professionals encourage the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants derived from organic foods. For instance, onions grown organically contain 20% more antioxidants than conventionally grown onions. That means you get more antioxidants from one piece of onion as organic foods are free from chemicals that generally react with minerals, organic compounds, and vitamins. Antioxidants help prevent cancer, heart disease, premature aging, vision problems, and cognitive malfunction.

No synthetic hormones or antibiotics

Most commercial farmers use a combination of drugs, supplements, growth hormones, and high-grain diets to grow their animals faster, get more meat, more milk, or eggs per day. Animals on conventional farms experience many health problems associated with drugs and hormones injected into them. Such issues include the weakened reproductive system, respiratory and skin challenges. Most countries prohibit the use of certain chemicals to boost growth or milk production. The National Organic Program (NOP) rule prohibits virtually all synthetic animal drugs; after all, animals produce healthier products when healthy.

Great taste and better nutritional value

Organic foods generally taste better than conventional foods. Plant-based foods contain all the natural sugars, salts, and minerals that make them tasty. They are given time to mature and grow using natural materials like the sun, rainwater, and natural soil. Fruits are grown and left to ripen while on the trees are not only sweet but also full of vitamins. On the other hand, conventionally grown foods are sprayed with chemicals that can alter the original taste of the food. Some also interfere with the average growth of the plant, which leads to a lack of taste.

Fresher and safe for the environment

When you eat organic food, you are sure that you are consuming fresh and healthy foods. Since they are locally grown, they pose very minor interference with the environment. Harmful chemicals like pesticides can live in the soil for a very long time. They also interfere with air, water and also cause soil pollution. Human beings can breathe fresh air from organic plants. Conventional farming, on the other hand, causes noise, soil, air, and water pollution. Breathing insecticides have long-term respiratory effects on your lungs.

Organic foods are planted, grown, prepared, and processed without the use of chemicals. They are more expensive as farmers have to wait for a long time for the crops to mature as they don’t use chemicals to boost growth. That doesn’t mean you should not eat conventional foods. The idea is to help you make an educated decision when shopping for food.


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