Lawyer Up: Things You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Being imprisoned is already a pain, but what’s worse is being sentenced behind bars for the crime you didn’t even commit. In fact, in the early 80s in the United States, 1% of the prison population or 20,000 people were falsely convicted. And one of the primary reasons why innocent people are in jail is ineffective and timid-performing criminal defense lawyers.

Thus, when you or someone you know who faces criminal charges, remember to lawyer up immediately. With this, you can stop the increasing number of innocent people behind bars and prevent another shackled freedom. Indeed, it’s difficult to seek a reputable criminal defense lawyer and assist you, and we have enumerated below what you need to consider before hiring one.


    1. Look for Experienced Experts

Do you think you’ll pull through in a pool that’s beyond your height if you don’t know how to swim? Definitely not! You must first learn the necessary skills of swimming to keep you afloat. Therefore, you must seek assistance from someone who knows swimming. Similarly, when you face the judge and are interrogated in the court, you must prepare to survive, and you’ll endure everything if you’re in the experienced expert’s hands.

There are different kinds of lawyers with specific expertise, and one of them is criminal defense lawyers. These lawyers specialize in different kinds of criminal cases like domestic violence and drug crimes. Further, when you seek a criminal defense lawyer, do some research. Track his credentials, especially the record of the number of cases won. If you live in Denver, visit for the best criminal defense lawyers in your area.

    2. Seek Legal Assistance From Lawyers in a Credible Firm

Each year, the number of law firms in the U.S. increases and will continue to skyrocket to cater to numerous newly-licensed lawyers and people who need legal assistance. Although it means job opportunities for lawyers, its downside is that people would have difficulty seeking a law firm that’ll help them with the criminal charges they’re facing due to the number.

Don’t have any idea how to begin searching for the best law firm for your case? As a precursor, you can use the internet to search for a list of firms located in your area with positive reviews and expert lawyers who have already won several cases. You could also try to visit the firm that your friend has recommended to you to assess its credibility. 

    3. Establish Rapport: You and the Lawyer

Can you imagine going to the court without someone at your back, especially a lawyer who is supposed to take you from the storm? It would be like sinking in quicksand directly to jail. Hence, it’s vital that you hire a lawyer who listens, empathizes, and finds solutions to your charges.

Moreover, as a client, you must be truthful at all times to your lawyer so that it wouldn’t be hard for him to resolve your case. Through constant communication, you maintain good rapport that tightens the bond between you and the lawyer. Significantly, in criminal cases, a good connection means higher chances of being sentenced as not guilty.

    4. Read and Listen for Reviews

Like in purchasing products, consumers first read reviews from blogs and websites about a specific commodity before they buy it. If the product receives negative reviews, consumers tarnish it, and if it earns positive comments, then the product is a sure hit to them. Same as goes in looking for law firms, you need to read reviews as well.

Today, it’s challenging to identify which law firm offers the best services and expert lawyers, especially when it comes to criminal cases. Reading online reviews of the firm and its lawyers allows you to assess and evaluate their credibility. Further, you can listen to the previous clients’ narratives regarding their experience and resolution of the case. Thus, it also gives you vital insights that’ll help you succeed in your case. 

    5. Be Practical

Everything has a price, from the food you eat to the slaw firm’s services and assistance. Now that we’re experiencing a global crisis, it’s challenging to earn money since there are only a few job opportunities. If you’re facing a criminal case during this pandemic, it’s important to be a practical thinker, especially when hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

The average attorney typically ranges from $100 to $300 per hour in the U.S., depending on his experience and specialization. But this rate only favors those who are financially stable; how about those who only earn money that’s enough to fulfill their daily needs? Don’t worry because the state provides free defenders services to those who cannot afford to hire one—a practical and economical way.


In a nutshell, when you present yourself in the court is not a battle of the lone. Remember that whenever you stand for yourself, there’s a lawyer behind your back who will help you no matter what. 

Let’s face it, being charged with criminal charges is one of the chilling experiences a person might experience. However, with the expertise of a criminal attorney in California they can assist with the case, and there would never be a false conviction that’ll happen again.


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