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Landscape Ideas without Grass for your Yard

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While having a lush green lawn can be a very satisfying experience, not everyone is geared to the tedious work that is needed every week in maintaining a well-manicured lawn. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot create a beautiful yard without physical work. Here are some of the ideas that you can use to recreate a beautiful landscape with minimal grass where the family can relax or entertain.

  1. Break it down

Instead of having the yard covered in a vast expanse of grass, that requires hours of slogging every week, break the space into pockets that are maintenance-free while smaller grass patches that add to the greenery, which is less tedious. A large stone patio can, or a few smaller ones, can be an excellent idea of entertaining outdoors. You can add other interesting elements like a fountain, or a stone pathway to perk up the looks and break the grass into smaller pockets.

  1. Add low maintenance perennials

Another great way to replace the grass in your yard landscape is to add a lot of perennials that you can plant once, and they continue through seasons. For the lazy gardeners, they are a boon as they need the least amount of regular care and do not need to be replanted every year. Do check the local climate and select those that are going to withstand the seasonal changes in your areas.

  1. Layer or terrace the sloping yard

One of the most tedious work is to mow the grass in a hilly or sloping yard. One of the more natural ways is to add some layers with brick walls to keep it in place and make a cozy sitting area with some garden furniture.  Depending on your appetite for the hard work, you can cover the entire slope with stones or bricks and leave minimal patches of grass around the borders.

  1. Add a Pool

Another great way to improve the yard as well as improve the overall appeal of your home is to add a small asymmetrical pool into your yard. This idea not only reduces the grass but also makes you can have a refreshing pool party too. Just adding a few entertaining areas- depending on the shape of your yard, can do wonders.

  1. Add a lotus pond

If you want an exotic feel to your home but feel the yard is not big enough to do justice to a pool, another remarkable element is a lotus pond. This can improve the landscape and make it stand out.

  1. Create a rugged country look

Instead of looking for an adapted plant of other regions, you can select the local varieties for your backyard. This will need less Maintenance and fertilizers and will be better suited to withstand the harsh weather changes. For regions with extreme climate changes, it’s best to go for native varieties that are sturdier than imported ones.

  1. Evergreen Shrubs

Another way of adding the green element without the grass is to plant plenty of evergreen shrubs around the garden. They will add the green foliage to the stone pavements and patios and take away the hard work of mowing every week

  1. Colorful flowerbeds

Another way to reduce the lawn but improve the beauty of your yard is to add a lot of annual and seasonal flowers. If you are in boise or surrounding area you can also look for a professional lawn care service in nampa Idaho so you don’t need to do this all yourself.

You can create layers and texture around your garden by combining plants of different heights and types, as well as creating asymmetrical patterns and exciting color schemes. With some meticulous planning, you can create a signature yard that reflects your personality. Also, this would be the right way of changing the look and feel every year with the least expenses.

  1. Use Artificial Grass

Some conditions may need the least maintenance lawn. For homes like these, replacing the real grass with high quality, a durable artificial turf can prove to be low maintenance and hassle-free while creating a green element. Artificial turf is gaining popularity, so you will surely find several turf stores near you. There is a wide range available these days that can help you create a faux lawn that looks and feels very close to a real lawn, with the least amount of labor.

  1. Add succulents

Replacing the grass border with a succulents’ hedge can add very low maintenance yet beautiful landscape to your yard. With its unusual colors, the succulent can add an attractive color scheme to the foliage.


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