Are Lab Created Diamonds Really Worth It.

Nowadays, we are getting to hear a lot about lab created diamonds. We have always read that diamonds are formed in the earth’s crust and this process takes thousands if not millions of years. Now our scientists have made diamonds in the lab. The lab diamond is not a fake diamond; it is a genuine one and has all the properties of a real diamond. The only difference is it is made in a lab and is not mined.

The lab diamond is not different from a real diamond. It is just like the ones that are mined in Africa or Canada. The only thing is it looks same and costs considerably lesser than mined diamonds. The 4Cs are achieved in a lab and you get the right cut, clarity and color along with carat.

Nobody ever thought that technology would advance to such a level that you can get diamonds created in a lab. The quality is equal to mined diamonds. The best part is that lab created diamonds can be made on a large scale. You need not wait to get the right stone. This is an advantage for jewelers as they can get the right type of stone to set in their jewelry designs. Also when a diamond is created in a lab you can create as many similar stones as you want. This is a godsend for jewelers as they can create similar pieces of jewelry. When a good design becomes popular they can make as many as they want because they will have the stones for that.

The lab created diamonds also need to be cut and polished just like a earth mined diamond. The lab diamond has all the properties of the earth mined ones and the material is the same too. A layman will not be able to distinguish between a lab created diamond and an earth mined one. Even jewelers need special equipment to distinguish between the two. The time taken by Mother Nature to create a diamond is thousands of years, whereas you can have the same quality stone created in a lab in a very short time.

Everyone knows that mining the earth causes a lot of problems. The environment gets polluted. The ecological damage is also immense. Mining is a labor intensive job and there are many people who are involved in the mining process and they risk life and limb to bring out the diamond from the bowels of the earth. Whereas in a lab the diamond is created without causing any harm to nature. The people involved in creating the lab diamond do not risk their life and limb. These are all wonderful advantages.

Overall, we can say that lab created diamonds is really worth it. Not because of the cost factor but also due to the ecological advantages it provides. There are bound to be more breakthroughs and over time we will find that most diamonds in the world are lab created rather than the ones mined.






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