Amazon’s Echo vs Google’s Home: Here’s How They Stack Up

In the years since the Amazon Echo was introduced to the customers throughout the world, it has taken the marketplace by storm. With over 20 million units sold to date, the Echo has proven to be a bestseller for Amazon. Until the recent emergence of Google’s Home, there have not been many quality competitors worthy enough to take the Echo’s place. However, Google Home is promising to be a fierce competitor to the Amazon Echo. Are you interested in knowing which device is a better buy? Here is how the Amazon Echo and Google Home stack up.


The good news about both devices is they are affordable. The Amazon Echo is modestly priced at $100, and the Google Home offers a slightly more expensive price tag of $130. With these prices, you will not have to take out a loan to be able to afford them. These price points make them affordable for most budgets. 

Besides the cost of the devices, you may be wondering about the features of the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Which device offers the best features?


1. Amazon Echo Affectionately known as Alexa to its users, the Amazon Echo has tons of neat features. Here are a few things it can do.

  • Need an Uber? With one quick call, Alexa can have one at your location in minutes.
  • Hungry? You can order a meal at any time during the day or night with this device.
  • If you live in a smart home, you can control your lights, garage door and thermostat with the Echo.
  • Alexa can play background music for you to enjoy after a long day.
  • You can use the Amazon Echo to find recipes for your favorite dishes.
  • Stay abreast of the latest news with Alexa.

This list is only a fraction of the things you can do with the Amazon Echo. It offers hundreds of features the entire family can enjoy.

2. Google Home understands how to create intuitive technology that meets the needs of customers in the marketplace. Google Home offers all of the cool features of other popular Google products and more. Here are a few things Google Home can do.

  • Get news from a variety of sources.
  • Ready to relax? Play the music from your favorite artist and radio station.
  • Stream content and play movies on your television.
  • Get traffic reports to help you plan your daily commute.
  • Planning a trip? Get flight details and airport information.
  • Schedule an event on Google Calendar.
  • Create a shopping list.
  • Make telephone calls to people on your contact list.

The Verdict

In terms of functionality, both devices offer similar features. However, the Amazon Echo offers a cheaper price tag, and Amazon provides continuous updates to the device. Deciding which device to purchase solely depends on your preferences. If you have other services by Google, Home might be a viable option for you. Whether you select the Amazon Echo or Google Home, you are sure to experience hours of fun with these responsive personal assistants.



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