Is The LG NeON H Ideal For Australia Conditions?

As the world turns to green energy solutions in a bid to preserve our planet, many companies in the energy sector are investing in research and development to come up with cutting-edge technologies.

One of the main systems people choose for going green is solar panels. To get the best out of your solar system, you need an efficient solar panel that converts as much direct sunlight as possible into usable electricity.

LG solar panels have been a frontrunner for years, and the company has recently developed the LG NeON H solar panel with improved energy conservation.

Australia is known for its hugely diverse weather and harsh conditions, so is this LG NeON h panel suited for Australian conditions? Let’s find out.

Design and specifications of the LG NeON H panel

The LG NeON H solar panel is constructed using N-type cells and half-cut technology. Both of which are features that improve the panel’s energy efficiency.

N-type solar cells consist of a thin p-type silicon film layered over thicker n-type silicon. Currently, most solar panel cells are of the p-type as this is much cheaper than the n-type.

Half-cut solar panel cells are laser cut to improve the performance and durability of the cell. By cutting the cells in half, power lost during electrical current movement is reduced, and resistance to the effects of shade is improved due to how the panels are wired.

The panel was designed with thinner electrodes that have a reduced surface area, thereby reducing electrical loss.

The panel has a Highly Transmitted Anti Reflection (HTAR) glass design for reduced reflectivity and high light transmittance, allowing for increased power generation. The solar panel absorbs more sunlight as a result of the HTAR glass.

Another feature that enables enhanced power output on this panel is the increased cell surface area which is 3.7% larger than your regular solar panel.

The LG NeON H is aesthetically designed with a matte black frame, a black back sheet, and black cells. With this sleek look, these panels will complement any setting.

The table below shows some of the technical specifications:

Cell type Monocrystalline N-type
Cell configuration 120 cells (6 x20)
Module dimensions 1,768 x 1,042 x 40mm
Glass (material) Tempered glass with AR coating
Frame (material) Anodized aluminum
Cables (length) 1,200 mm x 2
Number of bush bars 9
Weight 18.5 kg
Backsheet colour black
Junction box (protection degree) IP 68 with 3 bypass diodes
Connector type MC4

 Advantages of using the LG NeON H solar panel

From its make-up, this LG solar panel offers distinct benefits for use both at home and for commercial solar system set-ups. The advantages of the LG solar panels are that they:

  • Perform well in low light conditions
  • Have improved performance in high-temperature regions
  • Increase output and power generation
  • Reduce light-induced degradation to the panel cells
  • Have proven field performance
  • Are resistant to hail
  • Are certified to withstand salt mist corrosion and ammonia, making it suitable for use in coastal regions
  • Are resistant to high wind loads (up to 4,000 Pascals) due to the double-walled frame
  • Comes with a 25-year product and performance warranty
  • Are built under strict quality controls and extensive testing, guaranteeing product performance

With such glowing statistics, it’s no wonder that this solar panel is a top choice for your solar installation project.

How conducive is the NeON H panel to the Australian environment?

It’s no secret that Australia has diverse climatic conditions from end to end.

The North has a tropical climate, with hot, humid summers and dry winters, the South is temperate to warm, and the desert regions offer extreme conditions.

There are territories that experience thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, high wind speeds, hailstorms, sweltering temperatures, and coastal areas with high humidity.

The LG NeON H solar panel has been extensively tested for endurance in varying and challenging weather conditions, and the table below will illustrate its performance in the imposed conditions:

Is The LG NeON H Ideal For Australia Conditions?

From the tests conducted, the panel can withstand the worst of the Australian weather conditions. Get this quality guaranteed solar panel and enjoy an efficient solar-powered system for longer.




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