Is the Hyundai i30 Worth Buying?

The Hyundai i30 retains its core family car appeal and will be the ideal hatchback for many buyers in Australia (with high-end tech features as standard across all trims). It’s a rare family car that looks good and feels great at high speeds. It’s upscale enough for you to consider it as an alternative to the likes of the Mercedes A-Class and BMW 1 – but if you’re looking for something trendier, we recommend going for the Volkswagen Golf.

Although it used to be a budget-friendly alternative to pricier alternatives, the latest i30 model plans to outdo the biggest rivals of its market.

Here are just a few reasons why you may want to opt for a Hyundai i30 if you’re looking for a family car.


Plenty of Space for Passengers and Cargo

The i30 comes with plenty of space for adult passengers, including those over six feet tall. There is plenty of knee room as well as headroom. Overall, you won’t find any shortage of space in either the front or back, unless you’re extremely tall.

If you’ve got longer trips planned and want to haul cargo, you will find the i30 to be more than accommodating with its large and roomy boot. Compared to the Volkswagen Golf with its meagre 380-litre boot, the i30 offers an impressive 395 litres of storage space. You can eke out a maximum of 1301 litres of space if you fold up all the seats.

Note that if you’re looking for room space, you may want to opt for something like the Nissan Pulsar or Skoda Octavia.

Plenty of Safety Features

Hyundai i30 has thrived on taking safety more seriously than some of its competitors. It comes complete with all the protective technologies as standard across all its trims – including Front Collision Warning and Lane Keeping Assist – which is something you can’t say about its rivals. 

Also included are Driver Attention Alert and High Beam Assist. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert is a great safety feature that can scan the rear of the car while reversing.

Due to these safety features, the i30 has earned high safety scores across bodies such as the Euro NCAP and the NHTSA. It achieved 84% for child occupant safety and 88% for adult occupant protection. Besides all of these safety features, Hyundai is known for top-notch reliability scores across the board, which means you’re in safe hands.

Comfortable Ride

i30 is a comfortable family car that offers ease of driving on the road. Although steering feels slightly sensitive and the wheel needs frequent corrective inputs, the i30 performs great on the road. It truly impresses on highways at higher speeds where wind and road noise are minimal, and the overall impression is comfortable and effortless.

If you’re looking for a more refined driving experience, you can opt for the sportier N-line model, which benefits from an updated suspension system, superior brakes, and chassis upgrades.  N-line also brings climate control and privacy glass for motorists.

Okay-ish Fuel Economy

The i30 was designed from the get go to be fuel-efficient and have lower emissions. As a result, it manages to match the efficiency of its rivals but doesn’t outdo them. The official CO2 emissions and fuel economy are not all that great compared to the likes of the Ford Focus.

With that said, the i30 is quite a bit cheaper than the Volkswagen Golf. Despite being affordable, the car manages to be reasonably efficient with its fuel economy.

Reliable Car with Great Warranty

Hyundai offers its five-year unlimited mileage warranty, which is one of its main selling points. It also offers roadside assistance. Going by Hyundai’s record of reliability, you probably won’t have to make use of this. In fact, Hyundai has consistently ranked as one of the most reliable cars out there, below Toyota and Skoda, but definitely above other rivals.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Hyundai i30 is a great looking car that is comfortable and ideal if you want something for the family. However, we do recommend taking it for a thorough test drive before deciding to buy it, although the i30’s warranty years should give you peace of mind. Make sure to test everything (including electrical and mechanical integrity of the car) during your test drive. 

Most Hyundai i30 reviews on the internet agree that the car is reasonably well equipped, does well on the road, and offers a comfortable ride. If you’re looking for cargo space and fuel economy, though, you’re better off going with the Volkswagen Golf.  


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