Investing in Energy-Saving Home Upgrades

There are many reasons why people make upgrades to their homes. If you don’t have the home of your dreams, certain additions and renovations can transform it to suit your lifestyle. However, many modern homeowners are considering energy savings as they upgrade their properties. Knowing the priorities and choosing the right products can save you a lot of money on energy costs in the future. Here are some upgrades you should look into for their energy savings.

New Roof

A new roof is a major investment, but it can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Your roof is what keeps your home secure from the elements. If you’ve been putting off replacing it well past its given lifespan, you should make it a priority within your upgrades. A good roof will seal your home and provide better insulation, preventing heat and cool air from escaping.

High-Efficiency Appliances

If you can find high-efficiency versions of the appliances you use every day, you can save a lot of money without changing your lifestyle. As you make plans to replace appliances and fixtures throughout your home, look for replacements that are more environmentally friendly. This may include toilets, faucets, water heaters, air conditioners, and more. In fact, states that switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner, along with other steps, can keep your home just as cool while saving you 20% to 50% on your energy expenses. These appliances work just as well, if not better than their counterparts. Even replacing simple appliances can be an inexpensive upgrade that helps you in the future.

Garage Door

Your garage door can have an impact on how much energy your home uses. Automatic garage doors rely on electricity. If you aren’t working correctly, you may end up spending more money than is necessary. According to A-1 Doors, a new energy-efficient garage door can save you up to 25% on your monthly energy bill. This is a major savings opportunity that does not impact your lifestyle. You can still enjoy the convenience of your automatic garage doors without having to worry about the cost.

Window Replacements

One relatively easy upgrade to consider is replacing your home’s windows. Old windows are not as secure as their newer counterparts and they let out a lot of the air you’ve paid to heat or cool. The US Department of Energy actually states that heat and cool air loss through windows is actually responsible for 20%-35% of residential energy usage. This is energy that is wasted. Look for windows that are labeled as energy-efficient. They will insulate your home better than the ones you have now. The better insulated your windows are, the less air will get out.


The amount of insulation throughout your home makes a huge difference when it comes to your energy costs. A poorly insulated house will lose heat quickly, causing energy costs to spike when your system tries to make up for lost warmth. If you don’t know your insulation, get an energy audit. An expert will point out exactly where you need to fix your home. As stated above, this includes your roof and windows. However, it also includes the amount of actual insulation installed in your walls and attic. If you install insulation into these areas to fill in the gaps, you’ll use significantly less energy to heat your home. This will be reflected in your energy bill each month.

Energy bills can be expensive and you want to make sure you spend as little on them as possible. As you consider upgrades for your home, keep energy efficiency in mind. Your lifestyle does not need to change in order to save money on your household bills if you take advantage of this opportunity to make your home more efficient.


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