Interesting Ways to Get Your Vitamins.

Getting all the right vitamins and minerals is important for your health. It helps to do everything from keeping your teeth and hair healthy to making your mood brighter. We can get most of what we need through the food we eat. However, sometimes we might feel we’re not getting enough of the good stuff. Perhaps your diet isn’t up to scratch, and you need something to supplement it. Sometimes you might have a vitamin deficiency and it’s difficult to solve just through eating the right things. There are some interesting ways you can get the vitamins you need to keep yourself healthy.



Get Out in the Sun

We are often warned to be careful in the sun. It’s certainly true that we all need to be aware of the risks of skin cancer. You should ensure you wear sunscreen when necessary and cover yourself up. However, the sun is also good for us, especially when it comes to getting your vitamins. The sun’s rays contain vitamin D, which has a number of benefits. It’s essential for the health of your bones and could even help you fight off a cold. It’s also useful to prevent depression and anxiety. Not to mention, going for a walk in the sunshine will put you in a good mood.

Draw on Yourself

Vitamin supplements can come in many forms, with lots of them coming as a pill. However, you can find other ways to get extra vitamins outside of your diet. Charlottes Web Oil is made using a type of hemp. Hemp is rich in vitamins and minerals, including omega 3 and 6. One of the interesting things about the oil is that you can buy it as a pen. You can use the gel pen to draw onto a pulse point, such as your wrist so that the oil can be absorbed.

Look After Your Skin

Anything you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body. You can use a range of products to apply vitamins directly to your skin to help it be healthier. There are lots of things you can use with different minerals and vitamins in them. Some people use vitamin E creams, lotions and oils for a few different purposes. It’s meant to help fade scarring and stretchmark’s, for example. Of course, taking supplements in pill form or adjusting your diet can also make your skin healthier.

Make Fruit and Vegetable Products

Getting vitamins through your diet is one of the best and easiest ways to do it. However, some people can struggle or find it time-consuming to make your diet balanced. If you want to make it easy but exciting, try making some different things with fruits and vegetables. Smoothies and juices are particularly easy, and you can even just squeeze fruit juice into some water. There are other things you can do too, from making jam to creating your own ice cream.


You can make getting all your vitamins easy and even fun by using a range of methods. Focus on having a balanced diet over everything.


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  • May 23, 2016 at 8:39 pm

    Well I didn’t know about the Hemp oil and using it as a pen on your skin. Vitamins have come a long way since I studied them in the 80s! The sun still plays an important role though, getting enough and staying away from most of it for your skin’s sake!


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