Important tips to keep the kids engaged during the lockdown

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First things first, how are you and your kids dealing with this whole lockdown situation? With the work from home applicable for most of you and home schooling going on for the kids, things might be a bit uphill and daunting. In this time, ensuring that your child doesn’t end up spending a lot of time in front of the TV can be a task. For this, you need to figure out ways to keep them happy and busy at the same time. So, what should you be doing?

Well, we understand that all of this might be a bit too much for you to handle, but fret no more. We have come up with a whole new guide of a bunch of fun and educational things that you can plan for your kids to make their day much more interesting.

However, before we start with this list, we would want to suggest you have a certain structure. You need to have a timetable, and then divide the different activities of the day. You can affix this timetable on the fridge so that it is accessible to all of you. Amidst all this, you should ensure that their study time is not compromised. So, break down their study routine, and in it adds some fun activities to keep your children happy and engaged.

Also, please do not over-stuff your child’s day. Not every moment of the day they should be doing something. Both you and they need some time off. Also, even if they end up watching a little more TV or play a computer game for longer than usual, let it go every once in a while. This is a unique situation for all of us. So, remember balance is the key. Now, let’s get to the activity idea suggestions.

Delegate the chores

Irrespective of how hyperactive your child is, you can always have them sit down, and then tell them in brief about the entire situation, then politely hint them that they should be helping you somehow. Kiara, an online expert offering assignment help services, says that when she told her little one that she’s stressed about her office work and the household chores, her daughter who is only 8 years of age, herself suggested that she would take up dusting. See, it is totally about how to convey the things to your child. Also, let them feel trusted and responsible. Allow them to infuse these tasks in their schedule naturally, and in the way, they feel most convenient. However, there should be enough time besides these chores for their studies, TV time, playtime, and reading.

 Plan out some games indoors

The most effective way to keep your child happy and engaging is by having them play a game. Hannah, a top-rated accounting homework help service provider, says that she played Hide and Seek with her children in the house so that they do not miss going out. You can also teach them some card games like Freecell, jigsaw puzzles, UNO, monopoly, etc.

 Ensure that their screen time is meaningful

Now, how do you decide, how much screen time is good for your child? Also, it isn’t easy to convince the children to stay away from the internet, especially when they are home all day. So, what should you do? Natasha, who is an online homework help provider employed with a popular platform offering pay for paper services, says that she has enrolled her child in an online hobby class, and that makes him make the best use of the internet. You, too, can make your child watch some study-related videos online. This will give them the satisfaction of browsing while still learning some meaningful content.

Get them in the kitchen

Cooking with your child can be a fun session for both of you. Depending upon the age of your child, you can assign them kitchen tasks. However, if your child is under 12 years of age, do not leave them in the kitchen alone, irrespective of how trained they have become. Shreya, an online tutor who offers the best data science certification course, says that just in this lockdown her daughter, Alina has become a pro in baking, and now bakes better banana bread than her.



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