How to write your resume online

A well-structured resume has it all; an ability to get through the pressure of making first impression best, power to make a deal and boosting confidence level. A resume is the greatest weapon you can have to pass the recruiters test. And to make this resume creation process more accessible, we are here with 3 amazing tips on creating a great resume online.

    1. Pick correct layout:

The first step in making a kick-ass resume is choosing suitable layouts. Your resume should not be cluttered or disorganized. It reflects your personality and does not make a good impression on your recruiter. Here are some checklist points to choose the suitable layout:

  • Your resume should be one page in length. You can extend it to two pages only if you think it adds value to your resume.
  • The indentations, alignments and spacings should be appropriately given. 
  • Choosing the right font is very important. Your font should be clean, neat and readable by the recruiter. 

Here, as you are creating a resume online, you have the advantage of picking the perfect layout out of various options; the process might be smooth. But again, choosing the right one is an art.

    2. Resume content:

Content is king. If you have to win the recruiter’s confidence, then you should put high-quality content in your resume. After you pick the right layout, the next step is to think about what kind of content you have to put in the resume. Below are a few mandatory you should mention in your resume to elevate your personality.

  • Resume headline: Choose a standout headline for your resume. Generally, you can write your name and your profession or current work role. If you are a fresher, you can mention your degree and specialization. For example, Malini Iyer, Content Strategist or Malini Iyer, PhD. Management. This helps the recruiter to get a glimpse of you at first sight of your resume. The title should be less than ten words. Keep it short and crisp.
  • Resume summary: Write a short brief about yourself at the start of your resume. The brief should be written in bullet points, straightforward, and understandable. A resume summary should describe your work role, your strengths and your skills. Recruiters should understand why you are a good fit for the job by reading the glimpse of your description.
  • Work experience: This is the most important section in the resume-building process. Mention your work experience clearly as recruiters will have a closer look at this section. While writing work experience, follow the below-given format:
  1. Company name
  2. Job role
  3. Job description
  4. Start and end date

To make your resume look more approachable, it should be unique enough to attract recruiters. This happens only when you showcase your creativity with your resume.

  • Insert keywords: As we are living in a tech-savvy generation, keywords play a significant role. Recruiters use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to search for applications suitable for their job postings as it helps them sort, filter and choose quickly. So, inserting the right keyword in your resume helps your resume to pop up in their searches.
  • Skills and achievements: Last but not least, mention your skills and achievements in your resume. The recruiter always wants to know more about the candidate and his capabilities. This section helps you to reveal that area. Mention your past achievements, your expertise in the current field, etc. This part is very crucial as it helps to enhance your strengths.

    3. Formatting and Proofreading:

Once you pour in your full content, the final step comes to formatting and proofreading the entire resume. As mentioned earlier, the resume should look clean and readable. It should not be clumsy. Everything should be appropriately aligned one after the other. The order of sections should also be very clear and on a priority basis. The recruiter always chooses a resume, which is very detailed, short and crisp, rather than selecting a resume that is not clear and adequately formatted even though it contains quality content. 

A formatted resume always appeals to the recruiter. However, as there are many resume-builder tools online where formatting is done automatically, and you need to re-check everything. Next comes proofreading. Proofreading and reviewing the whole resume is a must. You should not have any room for errors in the resume. So proofread until you are satisfied.


An art of showing your skills creatively is resume-creation. After the completion of your whole resume, just make sure you have covered the following points:

  • Included all the must-have sections
  • Contact information is correctly given, and the phone number, email id is in a working state
  • Whether your resume is in line with the job description you applied for or not. 


Ensure you meet the above standards and create an outstanding resume of yours.



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