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How to Upgrade Your Look Without Touching Your Wardrobe

Style is important, whether you’re heading to a day at the office surrounded by superiors or a night out on the town. It can be easy for your wardrobe to slowly become a little stale, but upgrades can be expensive investments that may have to wait for the next season or the New Year.

However, there are other ways to freshen up your whole look without even having to touch your closet or step into a clothing store. With these handy style tips, you can bring new flair to your personal appearance, impress your co-workers and friends, and feel ready to conquer the world.


How Do You Carry Your Things?

How you carry your things says just as much about you as how you carry yourself. Confidence, kindness, and a great bag are all the components necessary to present yourself professionally with a glimmer of your personality. What does the bag, purse, or backpack you use say about who you are and what you want?

Often, we end up with the last bag we purchased for a very long time, so even when our jobs, goals, and our entire lives shift, we are still using an old bag from the last time we decided to get out and buy ourselves something nice.

Functionally, a bag needs to be able to hold everything you need to do your job in a way that is convenient and efficient. A bag is also a major component of your wardrobe. Whether it is over the shoulder, a sling bag, or a leather purse, what bag you carry can make you feel a certain way about the job you are doing, and the care you are taking to do it.

Investing in a new purse or bag isn’t just about functionality or appearance, it’s about investing in the present moment. It is about saying “I need a bag that suits where I am right now in life” rather than “I can keep using this old hiking backpack for my new writing job.” It’s an investment in your professionalism.

Accessorize Your Technology


An often-overlooked component of your style is the way you present your iPhone. You don’t go anywhere without it, and therefore it can be similar to a watch or purse in that it is constantly working with your clothes, makeup, and hairstyle to paint a picture of your personality.

Choosing from beautifully designed iPhone cases online can be a great way to freshen up your whole appearance. It can serve as a chance to blend together a new outfit by matching or working with the color scheme of your wardrobe. You can even get a phone case that’s just for special occasions.

Laptop & Other Accessories

Along these lines, you can also make the choice to glam up your laptop and other technological accessories with cases as well. There are many beautiful laptop cases available on the market that can work well with whatever size computer you have. They serve a functional purpose in protecting your laptop if you travel with it often, as well as serving as a window into your personal style.

If you have the type of job that finds you writing or working on your laptop often in coffee shops or bookstores, finding a case that makes you feel good about your personal style is a great way to really invest in yourself and make work more fun!

Take Time to Treat Yourself

 Keep in mind that personal style can take time to establish. You rarely suddenly realize what you want to look like and who you want to be overnight. It is important to note that you don’t have to make a major shift. You can do little things along the way to treat yourself to the stylistic choices you think would serve you in your job and personal life.


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